Friday, April 27, 2007

A Special Holiday!

Well yesterday was a special holiday, can anyone guess what it was? Yep, that's right it was the annual Kingswood Rummage Sales!!! My best friend and filled up with gas the night before, hooked up her trail and planned to meet for coffee and donuts at the wee morning hours before the fun started. We got into Sioux Falls by 7:45am (sales opened at 8am) unhooked the trailer and we were off. It was AWESOME!!!! We got lots of good sales! I got a couple of bargains for the day, one was a patio table and 4 chairs brand new for only $100, it was in great condition and the reason the lady sold it was because she said her deck was too small for the set......good thing we brought that trailer! After that buy being super excited we were off to find more bargains. Marty found an inter tube to pull behind the boat at the lake, it was a 2 seater and it had a bottom so the kids could not fall out, she swiped up that deal for only $40! The only other things I want to brag about are I found a Louis Vuitton purse and wallet for only $15. And another house this lady owned a store and so she was selling all of these kids clothes brand new they were still on the hangers and the price tags were still on. She was selling anything I could find for half off. I found Trevor 6 Osh Kosh outfits for ONLY $3 each...YIPPEEE I love getting deals (Look at picture). I am also going to post some pictures of what it is like down there for everyone that makes fun of us for going. I am not the only redneck who brings a trailer AND I took a picture of people who stopped to lay down and take a nap on someone else's grass!! (Notice that in some of the pictures they even have porta potties so you do not loose your parking spot to go and find a place to go to the bathroom) I am telling you that this is one thing that you MUST partake in if you do not already!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I wish I could've been there. Maybe next year? ;)

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