Friday, May 25, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday Suprise!

Well today is favorite photo Friday.....I was debating what photo to show and I finally came up with a decision. Trevor's birthday is less then a month away and I bet most of you are wondering what the plan for this year is, well yes I am ahead of the game and have already thought of that. Invitations are printing and I will send them out at the beginning of June......the party will be June 23rd at 3pm at our home. So I always try to do something fun for the invitations and yes it was happened again.......they are SUPER CUTE!!! I had his pictures professionally done and then they made the invitations. They took 56 pictures and because I am a nice person I am going to post only 1 so you can see for yourself how cute they are!!!!! This picture is not on the invitation so I thought it would alright to show it off. I purchased the CD of all 56 pictures so yes Diane, Jenny, Grandma M and anyone else can get tons of copies!!!! I hope you enjoy this very cute picture and have a happy Memorial Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that photo of Trevor!!!

I wish you would post more...I can't wait to see them!

Amber said...

Oh! How cute is that! I love his little spikey hair...TOO CUTE!

Who took your picts? they turned out great! We are having family picts done in Aug. with AC Ellis. She's from Brookings, I'm super excited!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! How did the cowboy pictures turn out? Can't wait to see the rest...

Anonymous said...

So Cute!!!! Hard to believe he is going to be 2 (terrible twos!!!??). In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating Sophia's 1st birthday. We are excited to celebrate with her. They grow up way too fast. Before you know it, Trevor will be in Nursery School!

Have a good weekend. Are you spending it up at the Lake? It is so cold here today, I can imagine how chilly it will be at the Lake.

Reed and Deanna

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,
It was great seeing you at the lake - that Trevor is so much fun. Looking forward to your blog about the weekend!
Gramma Dottie

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