Thursday, May 3, 2007


Well this weekend is going to filled with memories for my family. My parents have sold there farm that they have owned for 17.5 years and lived on for 15 years (I was in 3rd grade). When they bought the place there was an old farm house on it and they moved that house off it because someone else bought that and they built the ranch style house that is on there now. They then added a 3 stall garage on the south side of the property, added another driveway and did nothing but remodel since they moved there. I remember summer weekends were we would do nothing but cut down old trees and plant new ones, I would also mow for days at a time to keep the place looking cute as ever. At one time they had 3 zero turns for all the mowing that we had to do. Sunday they turn it over to the new owner which is going to be very hard for all of us. I know it is going to be harder on my parents then they think. They have purchased a new home in town which just happens to be right next to my dad's parents. (Picture at top) The house is very cute and cozy, it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They took it over last weekend and we spent the weekend painting every room in the house, putting in new hardwood floor, cleaning carpets and doing more remodeling. They gutted the whole kitchen down to just the walls and so the new cabinets arrived yesterday along with new counter tops. My brother had them all put in my 5pm last night. We went over to haul crap we had in there basement and to help them with a few odds and ends. The last time I was there was Sunday and let me tell you the work they have done since then is unbelievable. The whole house should be finished this weekend when they move in so once things are in order I will post pictures of the finished product. The other thing about this house that I love is the backyard. It is very cute and fenced in, it will be nice for Trevor to play in. I do not have to watch him like a hawk he can just run free. It will be nice when this weekend is over so they can move on with there new lives.


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