Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Well it was another crazy weekend for the Healy family. Friday night we stayed home and sorted through our storage unit to organize more stuff. Then Saturday morning we woke up ate breakfast and Jon decided to go turkey hunting since there are only a couple of weeks left. So Trevor wanted to go outside and help daddy load up the pickup and get things ready to go hunting. Jon put Trevor and Mydland in the back of the pickup while he loaded things and Trevor thought this was really cool. At first he sat there and just watched but then as time went on he got more brave and started bossing Mydland around "puppy sit" or else he would say "puppy no" it was pretty cute. Then once daddy left Trevor and I went to Hendricks to see what grandma and grandpa were up too. My dad was working until noon so I took Trevor down there and he walked in and grabbed grandpa's hand and said "come on grandpa, tractors" he loves to go to my dad's work to look at all the tractors. Saturday night Jon and I had a wedding to go to so mom said she would keep Trevor overnight, what I did not realize was that her and my dad had a plan to spoil him rotten. Saturday night they drove over to Brookings to let Trevor pick out his birthday present and then they drove back to Hendricks and put it together. Talk about a spoiled boy......they got him a POWER WHEELS GATOR!! Seriously what is up with that, he is only going to be 2!! But let me tell you he LOVED it, he would just lay on the gas and had no clue how to turn or when to stop it, he went full force down the sidewalk the whole time. He was laughing so hard he could not breathe. So needless to say you can figure out what we did the rest of the weekend. Sunday Jon and I went to Hendricks for mother's day with my family for lunch at my parents house and off to Ivanhoe to see Jon's family. It was a very long weekend and Trevor was in bed by 7pm last night sound to sleep!! Oh, for mother's day I got a gift certificate to buy more FLOWERS!!


Anonymous said...

How CUTE!! That thing looks huge. I can't even imagine what fun Trevor will have with that.

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