Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Fix

Well last night when I got home from work Trevor and I played with his new birthday toys and then when Jon got home we had supper. After supper it was about 6:30pm and Trevor said "mommy go swimming please" I said Trevor it is too late to go to the pool it is almost bedtime. He looked at me and said "but mama I love you". So here is my delima the pool that I bought for him I gave to my mom to use because he is over there and always wants to go swimming and she does not have a pool. So I did not have a pool and it was too late to go to the pool so I knew that I would have to think fast and I thought of the perfect solution. I would let him so swimming in the hot tub!!! The temperature was already down low and when I asked him if that is what he wanted to do his response was "yeahhhh swimming". The moral of my little story is that he was happy with the outcome as long as he got to so swimming no matter where it was and he had a great time!


Jennifer said...

Trevor really knows the right things to say to get what he wants!!

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