Monday, October 29, 2007

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves!

So this weekend we got all moved in and spent out first night in our new home on Friday night! It feels good to be all moved in but there is still tons of unpacking to do.

The last home that we owned was in a new construction development so there were hardly any trees and so because of that we have never experienced any raking or mowing up leaves. Well that is no longer the case in our new home. The temperature got pretty low on Saturday night so by Sunday every leave in town was on our yard. There were so many leaves that you could not tell where are driveway was. The upside to this was Trevor had a blast scooping them into a big pile and then jumping in them. He would also ride his bike and say "mommy now where do I go" because you could not see the driveway. I took some pictures of the little squirt having some fun yesterday and I also took pictures of the big trees around us causing all the trouble.


Jennifer said...

I know leaves are a pain, but they sure look pretty. Trevor seemed to enjoy them, too!

Amber said...

Oh man...are you sure that's not a picture of our yard?
Corey and I were just talking today about when we're going to rake and rake and rake our brains out this week.
I told him that next house we move into isn't going to have ANY trees!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!

Anonymous said...

yep !! u know those leaves that Trevor is having fun in -- they are in my yard now !!same color ,, and shape!and i don't have any of those trees !

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