Friday, December 14, 2007

Round Two!

Alright so I had a great plan to write a nice long post about Christmas but that all came to a damper around 5pm last night. I got home and got the mail and there was a letter for me to appear at the court house YES AGAIN for another round of jury duty! Are you kidding me?? I was furious because it is the worst time since finals are next week and we will be busy shutting down our building for a month. I need to report next Wed so I am going to have my boss call and beg that I do not have to do. Or we can all just wish that they settle outside of court. Do you know how awful it would be to have to do jury duty over Christmas? Especially for me because we are going to be gone for 5 days because of all the places that we have to go. This just really puts a stop to all my happiness.

Thanks to Diane here is a picture of the whole gang from last weekend at Jennifer & Chris's house!


Jennifer said...

maybe you won't have to go like last time.

Anonymous said...

what a nice looking group !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think there is something wrong--
you eyes should be open ,,,, but with 4 eyes ,, what can i say

you still look cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

That's it Chris you asked for it!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!