Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hide and Seek

Well today was not last day of vacation....sad! But the upside is that I will work tomorrow and then have the weekend off. Today Trevor and I spent most of the day playing trucks, cleaning house and of course hide and seek. He did find a really good spot to hide, take a look!

PS....this is already my 200th post!!

Under the table!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad that you two got to spend some quality time together - leave it to Trevor to find a great hiding place like that!!!

Anonymous said...

where is Trevor? he blends in so well -- lol

I'm going tomorrow to see Kailey & Cloe -- maybe we can hide from Mindy !:}

Jennifer said...

Cute! It was so much fun to talk to Trevor on the phone yesterday! He sure has "what are you doing," "come to my house" and "I love you" figured out. :)

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