Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Washer & Dryer

Thanks to my great sister-in-law we are getting a new washer and dryer!!! Since we are finishing our laundry room we thought it was time to update also so last night I ordered a new front load washer and dryer and it will be here next Wednesday and I can not wait! Jennifer gets a great discount through work and she let us take advantage of it, we saved over half the money that we would of spent if we would of bought from Lowe's or anywhere else. My brother bought our old set since his blew up and so it is a win win situation for all. Jennifer, thanks again Jon and I can not thank you enough.


Amber said...

So want hook me up with a new stove and microwave? ;o)

dhealy said...

Is it a combination washer/dryer or is it two different machines? Jen had a combo in her downtown Mpls. apartment that worked so great.

Amber said...

It is 2 different machines but they both look the same.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you ordered them!!

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