Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Models

Sunday afternoon we went to Sioux Falls to pick up a few things and so Jon and Trevor dropped me off at the mall while they ran Scheels and Sportsmans Warehouse. I was on my way to return something when a very cute photograph caught my eye, I stopped to go over and take a look and there was a bunch of pictures and painting by Evans Portraits. Then on the corner of a painting there was a little flyer that said little models. This is what it said:

As one of only 75 photographers in the world to be a Canon Explorer of Light, it is time for Rod to update his portfolio. He needs models for new backgrounds and new ideas! As a thank you for helping out, there is:



Then at the bottom it said:

We are open to anything, but we are in need of kids ages 2-4.

At this point I was super excited because I know Trevor would be perfect for this!!!! When I got his pictures taken at Melby's this past summer they were really impressed and said he was a natural. So I called today and explained what Trevor looked like and different things about him (bright red hair, outgoing personality) and the lady said that is exactly what they are looking for!! She said they would love to have us come down and do a session and it is going to be next Wednesday Feb 20th. She gave me a list of different things they would like him to wear and some other things to try. (Watch out babyGap here we come)

This is so exciting, I am so happy I found this!!! I went to their website and looked around and it looks like this guy is awesome, I am all about finding something new and exciting! Just to let you know the deal we are getting, for just a session fee to have him take your pictures it is $158 and he is also hard to get into. I just know these pictures are going to be awesome!


Jennifer said...

That's so cool! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Jennifer said...

I looked at the guy's website - wow - awesome stuff!!

Amber said...

I know he is the bomb from what I can tell. He has a little booth in the mall with tons if pictures and paintings and I loved all of them. I can not wait to see what he does with Treovr.

He wants Trevor to wear a suit jacket with jeans and a white tee with bare feet super cute if you ask me.

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