Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Scanner

Well last night as we were digging through some boxes Jon found a copy, scanner, printer and fax machine that we bought and never hooked up. So yesterday he hooked it up and got everything to work so I thought I would test it out and scan some pictures for my blog. While doing so I came across these pictures that we had professional taken of Trevor when he was 1 month old. He was such a cutie and it is funny how much he has changed since then!!

Overall the scanner did a great job, the pictures are really clear and look like they came right from the camera.


Jennifer said...

How cute!!

dhealy said...

I love those pictures!

Anonymous said...

You didn't know you had a scanner???

Cute pictures - what did Trevor think?


Amber said...

YEAH DENNIS!!!!!! This is the first time Dennis has left a comment......oh how exciting!!! And yes believe it or not we did not know we had a scanner. Trevor saw the pictures and said "oh look at the baby" I said Trevor that is you. He snarled up his nose and said "no its not".

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