Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Pound Burger

Last night I featured a One Pound Burger night at Medary Commons and it was a hit. We made 200 burgers and only had 36 left, so overall a great turnout!! Some of you might be thinking how in the world would you cook a burger that size and get it done on the inside and not too done on the outside well let me tell you.
First we pattied 200 burgers that weighted 1 pound each, then we cooked them on the char-broiler (fancy name for a grill) but we only cooked them on one side. Then we placed 8 patties on a tray and cooked them the rest of the time in the oven. By doing it this way the burgers stayed nice and juicy. We tried cooking them just on the char-broiler but they seemed too dry to me and in the oven they took too long and where a bit greasy. So we came up with a happy medium and things turned out great!

Here are a few more pictures!





Jennifer said...

mmmm....mmmm... looks delicious! Although I'd get at least two meals out of a 1 lb burger...

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - you are always thinking!!! It looks like it was hard to find a bun big enough...

Amber said...

Actually the bun fit perfectly I just tipped it back to take the picture. The bun we got is a little bigger then a whopper bun.

I brought one home for Jon and myself and he was able to finish his but I could only do half, Trevor got the other half and of course the french fries!

Jen I actually thought of Chris while eating my burger because I knew he would be a rock star and finsih it.

Amber said...

The last picture looks super yummy!
Question: What do you season your hamburgers with?
Mine home never taste good!

Amber said...

We use Montreal Steak Seasoning it really gives it that zing taste. We get it through our vendor, if you want I can order you some. It is only $7 for a HUGE bottle it will last for years. I use it at home on hamburger and steaks. There is also a Chicken Seasoning that is really good too.

Who would think steak seasoning right?? Try it and you will love it!!

Dawn said...

In the words of my husband "Now that is a burger". Good way to think spring too!

Anonymous said...

Wow !!!!!!!! looks great Amber- right now i could eat one - been 2 days and no lunch -- gets nice and people come out of woodwork. I'm going to try that - i also think burgers on the grill are dry.

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