Friday, May 2, 2008

The Lawn Bag

First I want to tell about my new lawn tool that I just bought. The house that we moved into has mature landscaping and most of it has rock around the outside but with all the trees around the leaves all collect in the rocks and it bothers I bought a vacuum for outside use. I used it the other night and it works awesome, you just run it across the rocks and it picks up leaves or anything dead or loose. The best part is that I bought the machine at a rummage sale for only $4 and it works like a charm and now our landscaping looks great.

So back to the story about the lawn bag, once I was done vacuuming up in the rocks Jon was helping me empty the bag into a lawn bag. But he could not open the bag all the way because it was so big so he put it over his head and got it to open. Well in the mean time Trevor is watching all of this and says "I want to do that too" how great is that we are teaching our son to wear a bag on his head except it covered up his whole body.


Anonymous said...

You guys are always doing something fun for Trevor even if it involves yard cleaning - way to go!!!

Jennifer said...

SUPER cute!!

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