Friday, September 26, 2008

New Gun Cabinet

Most of you know that I bought Jon an awesome gun cabinet when he came home from Iraq but since we have moved out of our last house we have had no way of getting into our new house (it does not fit down the stairs and is too big for upstairs). If you remember the way we got it into our last house we had to cut a door into the wall so we had a way of getting it back out. Once the basement was finished it looked like the door belonged there. Anyways in our new house Jon needed a place to put all of his guns and I wanted a place so they could be locked up. Well in our basement there was a space in the wall that the previous owner had put ugly shelves in so we took them out and Jon built a gun cabinet in there. I can not believe how good it turned out, Jon rocks at this stuff!!! We are waiting for the glass for the doors and we have to put trim on the bottom but otherwise it is all done. We have to dig his hunting decorative glasses out of storage to put on the shelves. He even put lights in it to shine down at the guns, pretty creative huh?


Jennifer said...

Wow! That looks great. Jon is so talented!!

Amber said...

Seriously, that is SO SO cool!

dhealy said...

What a great way to use that space - it looks absolutely beautiful!


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