Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ugly Sweater Party

Last night was my Christmas party for work and it was at Foleys in Sioux Falls. My boss came up with the idea that all managers and there spouse should come in a ugly sweater and if not she would not buy dinner. So MOST of us did and come to find out she did not but we still had a good time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part 1

It has been so long since I have posted anything I thought I better put something up today. I have been on vacation now for a week and still have this week to go so it is out of the norm to post something everyday.

Our Christmas was far from the word crazy, we had 5 Christmas's to attend in just 4 days so it was really crazy! First we had our family Christmas on Tuesday evening at home then on Christmas Eve went to Ivanhoe just to see Jon's family and spend a few hours with them until we headed to Hendricks for Christmas with the Pearson side. That evening we stayed in Hendricks at my mom and dad's and spent the day there having my immediate family Christmas. Here are some pictures from those events!

Friday, December 19, 2008

First Appointment

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment and everything went great!! We where there for 2 hours and in those 2 hours they poked me and drew blood so it was a rough appointment but I also got my first ultrasound! They now have a new ultrasound machine they just got and it shows the baby in a 3D picture so you can see if it has arms or legs yet and ours is just starting to develop them. The heart beat was very strong at 182 beats per minute so the doctor was happy about that. I am on schedule to have this baby on July 25th so that means that I am 2 months and 6 days pregnant.

Alright so to describe this ultrasound picture the top right hand is the head and then down the left side is the back and the butt. You can see the start of a arm and leg and the long cord you see is the umbilical cord and the round thing at the bottom is the yolk sac (the yolk sac is a membranous sac attached to an embryo providing early nourishment). My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I will have another ultrasound so it will be fun to compare both pictures. Then I will not get another ultrasound until I am 20 weeks and at that time we will be able to tell what it is if we want to find out. That will be my last ultrasound unless they need to check on something later.

Today is also a great day because it is my last day of work until January 5th, yep I get 2 full weeks off and I am pumped!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Dishwasher

It has finally happened, we have recieved our new dishwasher!!! Yesterday was a great day for us because we recieved our new dishwasher that we have wanted for over a year or at least since we have moved into the house we are currently in. The one that was in the house when we bought it was really small and old but it did work but only for about a week or so until it blew up and started smoking. My mom and dad bought us our new dishwasher as our Christmas present and WE LOVE IT!!!! Yesterday when it came Jon hooked it up and we washed a load last night and it was heaven! THANK YOU mom and dad very much we love it. THANK YOU also to Jennifer for letting us buy it through her work website and getting a great deal. Here are some before and after pictures. THANKS again mom and dad!!!

This the before picture of the little black dishwasher.

The new and improved!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Concert

Last night was suspost to be Trevor's first ever Christmas concert at his school but because of the weather they cancelled it. The worst thing about this is they are NOT going to reschedule it, how can you practice with these kids for so long and they where getting so excited and then cancel it and not have it at all??? Trevor was very upset because he was excited to show us he could sing. I did find out that he was not the only one that was upset when I dropped them off at school this morning. How can they do this to 3 and 4 year olds???

Monday, December 15, 2008

What a weekend

Well this past weekend was anything but boring. Friday night he went to Madison to a Christmas Party that my aunt has every year. We had dinner at 6pm and then everyone brought a $10 gift and we draw numbers to see who gets to go first (numbers 1-25) so lots of people where there. I ended up with a cake pan, cake mixes and frosting, Jon got a cooler and a 6 pack of beer and Trevor got a new truck. It is always fun to do this every year and to see everyone again, Trevor also has a good time with all my cousins since now he is at an age where he likes to go off and play with them.
Saturday we went to Langford for Jon's uncles wedding which was at 6pm with a reception following and when that was over it was starting to get bad out but we decided to go to the dance anyway. By 10pm we all had made the decision to head home before the storm really hits and we would be stuck there, it is a good thing we made that decision because the interstate was closed Sunday and so we never would of made it home.
Yesterday was spent relaxing and watching movies! Here are some pictures from the weekend.....

This is Lacie my cousin's little girl.

Trevor is playing with Lacie's new tractor.

Madison and Kailey

Kailey Hula Hooping

Mike was wearing a suit, I just had to get this on camera.


Everyone Hula Hooping

Even MIKE!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Lately my cravings have not been that bad. It has mainly consisted of fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries, pears etc. But last night I had a weird one I went to the store just to buy dried apricots and they where soooo good, yes I went out in the freezing cold and that was dumb but so worth it. At least I am not craving something bad for you like McDonald's Big Mac or a Whopper. Another thing that is really good these days is SDSU Ice Cream, we buy it by the half gallon at Hy-Vee. When I was pregnant with Trevor I ate pickles by the gallon and this time around I really do care for them that much. Weird I know.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All Finished

Yesterday Jon finished up his gun cabinet and I think it looks great! Here is a picture of what it looked like the last time I posted something:

Since this picture he has added felt where the guns rest against the wood, in the picture it was half done on the right side but now it is all finished. Also in this picture there is no glass in the doors and he has added that and the thing he has worked on the most is the handles for the cabinet and he made those out of deer antlers. This took him sometime to figure out how to do it but it looks soooooo good, I am very impressed with him most days and how he does stuff. He then decorated the inside with pheasant feathers of Trevor's first pheasant and some shot gun shells.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone and it is that much closer to Christmas, do you have your shopping done?? I went on Saturday with Kelsi and we got a lot done, she is all done and I am 90% so we are getting closer. Jon worked most of the weekend but when he was home Trevor was glued to his side. Friday night they laid on the floor and watched TV.

Saturday night they had a pillow fight and played trucks and last night they took a shower together and had another pillow fight. It was nice to just have a relaxing weekend at home.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to everyone, I hope you are having a good day!!! I am not sure why I thought of this last night but I was thinking of this pictures I took of Trevor when we lived with my brother. He was so tired and refused to go to sleep but I put him in his crib and he fell asleep standing up and last night I thought about it and laughed for a good hour about the whole situation.

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Project Joy

This year Jennifer and I decided to do something a little more for Christmas. Last year we talked about this and never got around to it but this year we made it happen!! Jennifer found what is called Project Joy which is out of Brookings. What is Project Joy you might ask?

Project Joy is a charitable, non-profit organization, dedicated to providing children and families living in Brookings County , who are in need, an opportunity to receive holiday gifts through the generous donations of individuals, business, and organizations.

Jennifer e-mailed them and got a list of 4 kids in need with their age and first name. We then bought each of them a toy, an outfit, a hat and gloves and a coloring book with crayons. I am going to put everything together today and drop it off. Each of the kids is assigned a number and I will put that number on the present so that child is sure to get the gifts we bought them.

Black Friday we shopped in Aberdeen to purchase everything and had a fun time doing it together. We will forsure do this again next year!!!

They have a website if you are interested in helping

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

Part 2 of our weekend was very big so I thought it would deserve its own post. We announced to all of our families that we are expecting another baby, yep that's right I am 6 weeks pregnant. Right now the due date is set for July 25th and we are very excited. We let Trevor tell everyone the news and he told everyone that "there is a baby in mommy's tummy"!

We told our parents with a shirt the weekend before. Trevor wore a shirt that said "I am going to be a BIG brother". Of course the grandma's saw it right away!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

I am not even sure where to start with the past week. Monday my aunt had open heart surgery and everything went well and she is now home. Then on Tuesday night my grandpa was admitted to McKennan hospital for surgery on Wednesday morning so Jon, Greg, Kelsi and I spent Wednesday in a waiting room with my family. His surgery went fine and hopefully he will come home today or tomorrow.
Thursday morning we left for Langford to go to Jon's side for Thanksgiving. We where up there for 4 days and came back yesterday and man am I tired today!! The 4 days where filled with catching up with everyone, playing cards, games, hunting and shopping. Trevor went hunting again this year with the guys and loved it! They got lots of pheasants and 1 fox, Trevor really enjoyed carrying the pheasant around and showing everyone and then telling everyone that daddy let him shoot his gun with Jon's guidance of course! Here are some photos!!
Thanksgiving night Eclipse played in Langford and Jennifer, Bobbi, Bobbi's boyfriends sister and I bartended and we made $350 in tips between the 4 of us, we rocked!!!

The 2 best bartenders at the Eclipse dance!

Trevor was so proud of his pheasant!

Everyone who went hunting all weekend!
Nice glasses Jen!

One serious poker game but unfortuatly Dennis took my $5 but I took second place in the game on Saturday night.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

This past weekend was a quiet one. Jon worked almost all weekend at my mom and dad's house finishing their garage so Trevor and I stayed home all weekend and got caught up on laundry, cleaned house and finished putting up the Christmas tree. I know now at looking at it that I need more stuff to put on it but I will wait until all the sales after Christmas to stock up for next year. For the most part I am happy with what I have and Trevor had a great time helping me decorate it.

Today if everyone would say a little prayer for my aunt Sheryl as she is under going open heart surgery. Sheryl is my dad's brother Scott's wife and they have 3 boys. Last week she had what they thought was a galbladder attach but they ran some tests and found out it was more then that when they found something wrong with her heart and her pancreas so they rushed her to Sioux Falls Heart Hospital on Thursday. What they found was a tear in her main valve that needed repair immediately. They could not do anything until her pancreas was under control so they held off with surgery until today. They are telling the family it is a very long surgery so most of the family is down their to support them, depening on how things go we may head down there tonight also. Please keep her in your prayers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Christmas is right around the corner so Trevor and I started to plan for it this past weekend! Jon was hunting all weekend and comes home today so before he left I made him get some Christmas stuff out so we had something to do this past weekend. Trevor was a great helper and hopefully we will get our tree up this week. I also thought it was time to update my blog and get a little holiday spirit going. We had our family pictures taken and I really liked how they turned out!

Trevor even got his Christmas pj's out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Fun Filled Day

Yesterday Trevor and I stayed home all day and did lots of fun stuff. The day included art and practicing letters and understanding what they ment like J is for Jon and A is for Amber and T is for Trevor. Then Trevor traced my hand and did a really good job!

Then we built tents and Trevor called the one tent the dog house (not sure why) and he would hide and I would have to go and find him, he did a great job at hiding and being quiet I was suprised.
Then when Jon came home for the day I needed a break so Trevor helped him fill bullets for his upcoming hunting trip (yep again this will be 3 weekends in a row). Jon built this little room under the steps for his loading room and Trevor thinks its the coolest room ever, he calls it a fort!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!