Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick Boy

Today Trevor is home with the flu.....yuck! Since Jon is out of town and I needed to be at work today for lots of meetings grandma Diane has come to the rescue. He woke up this morning throwing up at 6am so I knew it would be a good day!

The sad part is he is missing school and today they where going to take a tour of Taco John's since the letter of the week is M which stands for Mexican! We will just have to eat there when he gets better.

Thanks agian Grandma Diane!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh no, poor guy! Being sick and missing the Taco John's tour. Rats! :(

Anonymous said...

Tour Taco Johns???? Why is the first I'm hearing of this???? I could have taken his place!!!!! :)


Hope he feels better.

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