Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tongue Roll

How many people can roll there tongue?? I sure can't but our 3 year old can and he is proud of it, we have no clue where he learned it!! Tonight he said "hey mom look at what I can do".

Also look at what a difference one day can make:


Jessica said...

Oh I love it...that is funny about Trevor's tongue! And YES....grass, we all love the sight of the grass. So your son is proud of his tongue roll, and our boys think they are HILARIOUS when they toot or burp. NICE HUH!

Amber said...

Trevor is the same way, when he has a lot of gas he says "wow that was a good one" and then laughs!

Jennifer said...

You can't roll your tongue? Can Jon? I can - maybe Trevor got it from us?

Amber said...

I can't but Jon can sometimes.

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