Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009 Part 1

So last night I spent a long time on the phone with DELL support because my laptop was taking a crap on me so I did not have time to go through Christmas photos to get them ready for my blog. In the mean time I did however want to share my favorite photo of the whole weekend. Each and everytime I look at this photo I just start LAUGHING!

Kelsi and Jon where playing Wii and Carter was just sitting there smiling at her.....how cute!

Then I went in for a close-up and the little peanut was still smiling!

My computer works so amazing right now, I should be able to get the other pictures tomorrow night.


Jennifer said...

Cute! He looks mischievous in that first photo...like he's thinking "ha ha, look at Kelsi."

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