Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way Behind

I am in trouble for not posting more often but we have been busy and with the nice weather who wants to sit at a computer??

So what have we been up too you might ask? Well this week I attended the annual Kingswood Rummage Sales in Sioux Falls, they started earlier this year so I went Tuesday afternoon and all day on Wednesday. The weather was so perfect (way better then I can say for last year) but the rummages sales where spread over so many days it was hard to pick when to go. Normally they are Thurs-Sat and this year they where Tues-Sat. I still ended up finding all kinds of items for baby H.....but if I was not pregnant not sure I would of had the best of luck. I think people are cutting back due to the economy because mainly this year it was clothes, clothes and more clothes. I turned out great with lots of outfits for baby H. and tons of clothes for T-man even a winter columbia jacket for next winter for $6. I know I am mean and not going to say whether I bought pink or blue but I will show you a couple of other items I purchased!!

Baby Papasan Chair that vibrates and plays music

A mat to play on with lots of colors

So not only with that being a crazy part of the week, Jon left today until Saturday to be in a fishing tournament with Corey at Big Stone Lake, so I am a single parent until Saturday night. Good boys and I hope they win this year like they did 2 years ago. At least this year the weather is nice, last year it snowed and they had to scoop snow out of the boat on Saturday morning before the tournament!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your amazing post! So now I have to go snoop to see if I can find those pink/blue clothes for the baby. haha jk!


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