Friday, June 29, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

Well last night Jon was shaving and Trevor found it very interesting, he sat there the whole time and just watched every move that Jon made. Finally Jon said "Trevor do you want to shave" Trevor's response was "yeah". So Jon put shaving cream on his face and I just had to take a picture. Once the cream was on that is all Trevor wanted to do then he wiped it all off. But after I took the picture I realized that I had taken a picture like this before. After some digging I found it and wanted to post it because the picture I found was take on August 15, 2006 and the one I took last night was June 28, 2007 and it was amazing to me how much Trevor has changed since then. Have a look! (Can everyone tell how excited they were last night in the bottom picture?)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday Night Fun

Well last night was Wednesday and so that is the night that Jon golfs and Trevor and I get to hang out together. So I picked him up from daycare and we were going to go home and play because it was a bit too cold to go swimming. Well after we got home from daycare my mom called and said that she was going to stop by because she went to see her mom yesterday in Dell Rapids and she was going to be coming through Brookings. So when she got there we decided to go to the park and play because it was the perfect day for that. As you can see in the picture Trevor had a great time!!! After the park we went to Subway for supper and then went back home to play. My mom left about 45 minutes later and so Trevor had some time to ourselves to just play and chat. It was about 7:30pm and he said "mommy go nigh night" so we took a bath and he went right to bed and was sleeping in minutes. It is so nice to be able to put him to bed like that and know that he wants to sleep and does not scream and kick because I always feel bad. So overall it was a great night hanging out with Trevor.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Fix

Well last night when I got home from work Trevor and I played with his new birthday toys and then when Jon got home we had supper. After supper it was about 6:30pm and Trevor said "mommy go swimming please" I said Trevor it is too late to go to the pool it is almost bedtime. He looked at me and said "but mama I love you". So here is my delima the pool that I bought for him I gave to my mom to use because he is over there and always wants to go swimming and she does not have a pool. So I did not have a pool and it was too late to go to the pool so I knew that I would have to think fast and I thought of the perfect solution. I would let him so swimming in the hot tub!!! The temperature was already down low and when I asked him if that is what he wanted to do his response was "yeahhhh swimming". The moral of my little story is that he was happy with the outcome as long as he got to so swimming no matter where it was and he had a great time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Roving Sugarbeet

I would like to welcome the newest member to the blogging family "roving sugarbeet" (my sister-in-law). I think it is awesome that she has decided to start a blog, now we can closely follow her life like everyone else who has a blog. It will also be nice to know what is going on in their life on a day to day bases since they are so far south in Florida. I am excited to hear her stories......check her website out at

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Party

Well Trevor's party was a huge success!! The weather was nice and warm so the kids could use the water slide and not get cold. We also had a huge blow up dinosaur toy for the kids to jump in. I am glad that we had quite a few people make it and thanks for all the great gifts. Trevor is still not sure what to play with first. I also have tons of left overs but that is what is hard about planning for a party like this because you never know who is going to come and who is not. Thanks again to everyone who came for a great time. Enjoy the pictures!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

Yes it is true today is my birthday......I am 1/4 of a century old (as Diane would say) otherwise known as 25! I can not believe that I am getting this old, it just seems like yesterday that I was 13 and could not wait to drive and leave the house and now looking back I wish I was 13 again. Well today is not only my birthday but it is also my best friend Marty's birthday AND her husband Jeremy's birthday....holy crap I know that it is hard to believe! When I first met Marty and Jeremy I did not believe them and I had them prove it to me by having them show me there driver's license....yep they were telling the truth. Yesterday was Trevor's party and afterwards
Dennis and Diane took Trevor home with them so I could go out and celebrate at midnight with Jeremy and Marty. It was also the motorcycle ride through downtown Brookings last night (this is where they ride motorcycles through a bar) so we went down and checked out the festivities. We thought it would only be approiate to take a picture of 3 of the birthday kids on a motorcycle. (Jennifer note the purse on the right in the first picture) Then while in a bar we ran into another one of there friends and we found out that it was his birthday TOO.....what a coincidence so then we all headed outside to take yet another picture next to the motorcycle (we figured that 3 was already too many to fit). You can tell that I am getting old because I was soooo tired that I did not even make it to midnight and I was home and in bed by 11pm!

So today to celebrate my birthday we went to Dennis and Diane's to pick up Trevor and Diane made us swedish pancakes (I will have another post to comment on that). When then headed back to Brookings to take a nap and clean up after the party. When we were all rested we headed to the pool to celebrate the rest of the afternoon was so much fun to hang out with my two favorite boys!! When we came home Trevor gave me a present which was a glass picture frame with mom on it and nice words of wisdom with his picture in it. Then him & Jon gave me a card and it said "On your birthday I'd like to give you the world....but my heart will have to do." This made me cry because it was so precious!!! Overall it was a great day, thank you Jon and Trevor for making it special.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing with our buddies

Well today I took a vacation day to get ready for Trevor's party and after the house was clean, the food was made and the laundry was done we took a break and went over to the Syrstad's to play. They got a new train so the boys were in the basement playing with that and Marty and I were hanging out on the deck talking. After a while I heard a door slam and said to Marty I do not think the boys are in the house any more....sure enough a few minutes later here they all come around the corner in there silverado power wheels. It was pretty cute so we made them stop for a picture....neither one of them were happy about that! Then they found Marty's fountain to play in, everyone knows wherever there is water Trevor will find it.

A New Lawn Mower

Well Trevor got his first birthday present yesterday and it was a lawn mower that makes lots of sounds from grandma Diane and grandpa Dennis.....thank you!! He really loves it, he will push the button to start it and then pushes it all over the house. Then he will look at us and say "mow yard" its pretty cute.

Then to make the day even better there was a package at the front door from auntie Jenny and uncle Chris. He loved that one is a backyardagains cross splash. You hook the water hose up to it and step on it and water shoots out everywhere!!! He is going to have so much fun with that because Jenny knows that he loves water. They also gave him some money....thank you!! She also set me a VERY cute purse that I LOVE!!! And some lotion and a fragrance plug in....once again way too much stuff.....THANK YOU!! Trevor is going to call you tonight to thank you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

2 Year's Old

Well it is official Trevor is now 2 years old!!! When he woke up this morning I went in there and starting singing "Happy Birthday" to him he just sat there and smiled. I then looked at him and said Trevor how old are you "twoooo" then he clapped his hands. After I had gotten him dressed we were walking upstairs and he looked and me and said "mommy, I love you" now that is enough to make a person cry!! I did some digging last night and found some pictures of this day just 2 years ago so I thought it would be fun to share. Beware, there are a lot of them!! After looking at some of them it really brought back some memories but after being in labor for 17.5 hours I am not sure how anyone can forget that. Trevor your daddy and I love you very much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday Cupcakes

Well it is about 9:30pm and I just finished making Trevor's treats for daycare tomorrow. I asked him what he want and he responded with "Melmo" so I thought it would be a good idea to make mini elmo cupcakes, the cupcakes with the yellow say "Happy Birthday". The picture did not turn out as well as I wanted it too but you get the idea! Just a few more hours and my baby will be 2!!!!

Birthday Invitation

Well I hope everyone has received there birthday invitation to Trevor's party, you also should have all gotten a set of directions to our home. It is very hard for me to believe that my baby is going to be 2 tomorrow!!! Just 2 years ago today I went into the hospital to get induced at 8am and right now at this moment I was waiting impatiently for my little one to be born. I look at him now and can not believe the little person that he has turned into be.

The party is Saturday at if there is anyone else who would like to come please just hop in the car and come on over. Make sure that if you bring a little one that they bring there swimsuit we will have a water slide set up and also a big dinosaur that the kids can jump in. It is going to be a great time! I will also have food available so come hungry and ready to have fun. I know that there are a lot of people that can not make it until 4:30pm or so and that is fine because we will be around all night.

I hope to see everyone there!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A new shed

Well as most of you know from reading my blog that my parents have sold there farm and have bought a house in town, so that means down sizing. My parents have a lot of big machines and mowers and all that kind of junk to store so they knew that when they moved that they would eventually have to build something to store things in. Well they have found the spot, they own a piece of land on main street right across from there old shop (this lot it where the tractors they were fixing would sit when they were all repaired) since they no longer fix tractors this would be the perfect lot because it just holds junk. So they have gotten all the permits and things that you need to do to build a shed on main street. Jon, Greg and my dad poured the sidewalks a week or so ago now and things are in line for the big shed to go up. When we were over there my dad was running his dozer and everyone knows that Trevor loves big machines so Trevor was the first to go running asking grandpa to ride with and operate the machine. So the picture above is of them working hard......Trevor rode with my dad for almost an hour. He sat there the whole time and just watched, he was so amazed with everything. Needless to say it was impossible to get him down without him screaming and kicking. I will post pictures of the finished project when it is done and also also the way so you can see the progress.

Monday, June 18, 2007

3 Generations of Healy's on Father's Day

Well it was another fun and exciting father's day weekend. Friday night I had to work late so Jon and Trevor got to spend some time together, they just stayed home and played lego's until it was time to go to bed. Saturday morning yes I had to work again (this past week I put in 63 hours, its new student orientation and yes there is only one week left thank god) Jon and Trevor went to Hendricks because Jon had to make up a golf match because last Wednesday they got rained out so my mom wanted to watch Trevor. After the golf match Jon and his dad golfed around together and on hole 7 got rained on but no that did not stop them. By this time I was done with work and in Hendricks we hung around for a while and came back to Brookings because I had to yes go back to work and help with a wedding. Sunday morning we let Jon sleep in and as soon as he woke up Trevor was there with his gift which was a gift certificate to Scheel's....boring if you ask me but that is all he wanted. So we had a family breakfast together and then made our way to the grandpa's house for father's day. My mom made us lunch and my dad wanted to keep Trevor so he could also take a nap and so we headed out golfing. After that we headed to my grandpa's house and visited for a while and then went to Ivanhoe. Grandma Diane went to Seattle last week so it has been a while since she saw Trevor, it was good for them to catch up on lost time. I then talked the boys into letting me take there picture since we had 3 generations of Healy's in one house. Over all we had a great time over the weekend but it gets long going from house to house but it is all well worth it. Happy Father's Day!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

2 Seconds

Well last night it only took 2 seconds for Trevor to get out of my sight and into something. When we get home we always go and let the dogs run for awhile, while we were opening the gate (at least I thought it was both of us) and putting collars on I looked and Trevor was gone. I ran around the corner and there he was sitting in the pool I forgot I bought him. Last Sunday I got him and pool and put water in it for it to warm up, well I forgot about it. He must of saw it and went running and jumped right in because by the time I got back there he was sitting in it with all his clothes on and his shoes. I looked at him and he said "wow mommy look swimming." But that is not even the best part, once Mydland saw we were back there he thought it would be fun to also join in on the fun so he got into the pool. Trevor thought this was great because someone was swimming with him. Then Mydland would drink the water because it was still cool, well Trevor observed this and thought he would try. So he got on his knees, put his head in the water and also drank some water....yuck! I will also attached a video clip of the two of them playing it is really funny because you can hear Trevor laughing his little heart out. (Watch as Trevor splashes water, Mydland is trying to catch it & that is what he thinks is so funny)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All about change

Well I am all about change today. I am the kind of person who needs change to keep me sane, if you do not have change then your life is boring. Last night I changed my blog template again because I can not have something the same very long or it drives me crazy. I want my readers to click on "Healy Happenings" and be curious about what I have done today. I have added new pictures on my side bar and all over along with a few other things so check it out. I know that some people may not like it buy hey it keeps things exciting!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimming with my fish part 2

Well yesterday I got off work early and so I decided to take Trevor to the pool again. This time instead of going to the free baby pool we went into the big kids side. Once we were in there we found out that there is more for Trevor to do in there then in the boring baby pool as he would say. So once we got in there I experienced something with Trevor that I have never experienced before. I realized I have a chick magnet, the picture below gives you an example of how he was laying and then when a girl would walk by he would say "HI, HI" but then when a little boy came up to him and said HI he just sat there, looked at him and said "BYE". At this point I am laughing pretty hard but then a girl about the age of 8 comes up to Trevor and says "my your cute" Trevor looks at her and says "HI, wanna play water" she starts laughing. Now I am getting frustrated because I realize what is going on.....

Then as we play longer Trevor gets more brave and starts showing off like in this picture running as fast as he can threw the water over and over again!

Then we go over to where they have water guns set up and all the other boys are playing with those and so Trevor being the little squirt he is says "me do it too mommy" and as you can see yes he did it too.

Over all it was a great time and I can not wait to go back again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Only in Hendricks

Alright so the other night while we were in Hendricks I was driving down main street on my way to my dad's shop when I saw this! I had to stop and just stare because I could not believe what I was seeing.....the picture is not the greatest because at this point I am in my car laughing out of control. Only in Hendricks would you drive by the local bar and see a horse tied up outside.....not to mention the mess that horse made on the sidewalk.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was very full with a million things planned. Friday night I had to work until 7pm so Jon and Trevor had sometime to hang out and do guy things. But when I got home I found out what there version of guy things was making jerky. They made all kinds from goat to antelope and let me tell you it stunk up the house. I told Jon our next house will have an oven in the garage. So then on Saturday morning I also had to work but was done by 10am and the rest of the day was for relaxing and taking naps. Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out for supper with Jeremy, Marty, Greg and Kelsey and then headed to the annual Volga street dance which was a great time. I was very proud of us because we were back home and in bed by 1am....not bad! Sunday Jon made more jerky but this time in a smoker outside and I set up Trevor's pool and worked on more laundry. After Trevor's nap we headed to a birthday party. Levi who is a little boy at daycare turned 3 so his birthday party was at the park which was nice so they could play on the park equipment and we could all visit. Then we headed to Hendricks to see my family where most of them were out at the lake playing in the water. So we sat around for a couple of hours and had supper, when it was time to leave Trevor threw a fit because he wanted to say with "bapa" but we were not even in the car 10 minutes and he was OUT! Overall it was a fun weekend and now it is back to boring old Monday.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Our First Conversation

My son and I just experienced our first conversation together. On a normal day I would ask Trevor a question and then he will either respond with "yes" or "no" or "yeah" it is never a real sentence and sometimes he just answers and does not have a clue at what I asked him. Lately he has been more talkative then normal, he will also pick up on certain words that I say or repeat any new word he has never heard before. Well tonight I got home late from work and when I got home I sat on the floor with him and the conversation went like this:

Me: Trevor how was your day? Did you have fun at Daycare?

Trevor: Yeah Mommy, played chalk!!

I almost died it was like he understood everything I said and then responded. The whole thing also made sense, he played with chalk outside on the driveway. We are having more fun with him as he grows up because he comes along with these awesome surprises.

Favorite Photo Friday

Here is another photo that is also one of my favorite's!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pop Truck

Last night when I got home from work I had a pop I had bought from a gas station (because I love fountain pop). As soon as Trevor saw it he wanted some so I told him I would share it with him. After awhile I was cleaning and went to get a drink and I could not find it, once I looked a little harder I found it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Swimming with my fish

Last night I went swimming with my little fish, meaning.....I took Trevor to the pool. As soon we got out of the car Trevor took off running as fast as his little legs could run. He opened the gate to the baby pool and I am not kidding when I say....he jumped right in!!! He did not even have his shirt or shoes off. When he jumped in he went all the way under and came up and say "whooo baby" it was very cute! Then he went up to the other kids playing and said "hey wanna play water".....they looked at him like what are you saying? But then they played for a while and all had fun. We were there for over 2 hours and Jon and I still had to pull him to the car....he cried the whole time because he did not want to leave. The baby pool goes from 6 inches to 1'6" so on Trevor that would be almost to his chin. He would walk from one end to the other saying it getting deeper and deeper and deeper!! They also have a little mushroom that water comes out of the top of and squirts water everywhere, that was also a big hit. (Look at that boy smile)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today marks the spot of our 3 year wedding anniversary!!! I know that I do not even have to say this but it does not even seem like that long. All and all we have been together 7 years......holy smokes that is a long time. I do not even know where to start in this post because there is so much to say. Jon and I have been through more then most couples when it comes to experiences. After dating for 3 years and moving into an apartment together, Jon graduating from SDSU and getting a great job at Waltz he gets his orders to go over seas......this threw a huge black spot over everything. Right then and there you think about all the things you are thankful for and pray to god that the man that you love comes back home safely. With the help of family and friends we made it through 18 months of being separated. Jon was only gone over seas for a couple months when he had his week to come back and see family and that is when he proposed and said that he wanted to be with me forever. The wedding date was set for June because his unit was due to come home in April. As the months moved on things did not work out the way we had planned, he had received his orders to stay until this point there were knots in our stomach wondering what to do. With the help of some higher ups Jon was able to come home for a 3 week leave so we could get married on June 5th 2004. Jon flew home a week before the wedding and we were all at the airport to welcome him home as he walked down the escalator in his national guard uniform. We had signs and the whole works and even the KELO-LAND news crew was there to do a story on us. (I have a copy of that in case anyone has not seen it) The wedding went off with no problems at all, with over 400 guests, our family and friends it was a great reunion to see everyone again. Two days later Jon and I headed to Minneapolis to fly down to the Bahamas where we took our honeymoon. We stayed at Sandals Resort for 7 days and enjoyed every minute of it. The worst part about this whole situation was that after we got back from the Bahamas it was time for Jon to head back over seas to finish his duty. Let me tell you that was one of the hardest good bye's we have ever had to do. Two months had gone by and Jon came home for good....I still remember that day in Sisseton, it was foggy as ever and here comes the buses rolling through the fog with our soldiers on was nice to see him again because this time I knew he would not have to go back again. One month after that we knew what we both wanted and we had decided to start a this point we felt we had missed out on so much so we did not want to waste another minute. We got pregnant with Trevor in September and he was born June 21 2005. We spent the next year raising Trevor and experiencing life as parents. Now Trevor will be 2 in just a couple of weeks and the rest seems like it has happened yesterday. It has been a great 3 years and I look forward to spending many more years together, Happy Anniversary Jon!!
Sorry some of the pictures did not turn out that well, I got into a fight with the scanner!

Monday, June 4, 2007

One Sleepy Boy!!

Alright this is too funny for me to even type. Tonight Trevor was super tired from the weekend and then tonight we played outside all night. When it was time for bed he threw a fit and would not go!! He cried the whole time and said "me no like mommy" and I would say "well Trevor mommy loves you". So when I put him in his crib he sat in the corner with his hands crossed and lip out mad at me because it was time for bed. About 45 minutes later I went in to check on him and this is what I found (picture 1)......him in the same position but fast asleep. I was laughing so hard I had to step into the hallway to catch my breath and then I ran to find my camera. Once I had taken the picture I tried to lay him down but he woke and was trying to stand up so I ran out of the room so he would not see me. When I came back in I found this (second picture) he was standing up, holding on to both sides of the crib fast asleep.....and snoring!! At this point I am gasping for air I am laughing so hard. This kid never sleeps through anything how could he sleep through all this. I am still laughing at the whole situation!!!

Family Fun Weekend!

Well this weekend was a fun one. Friday night we stayed home and had friends over to sit in the hot tub and talk stupid. Then Saturday my mom and dad volunteered to watch Trevor overnight so Jon and I went to Sioux Falls and went to dinner, went to a movie and met some more friends for drinks. Then Sunday we woke up and Jon went with his mom to Sioux Falls to move his uncle while I went to Hendricks to pick up Trevor. Then after we all took naps we went to the park last night and man did we have fun. As you can see from the slide show it was one heck of a time.

Friday, June 1, 2007

27 Years of Marriage

Well yesterday my parents celebrated there 27Th Wedding Anniversary!! If you sit back and think about it, that is a long time. So you would think that with all the moving and crazy things that have been going on in the past month that they would spend the evening going to a nice dinner or out to a movie.....yeah right!! We went to Hendricks to see them and give them there present. They did everything but relax. They built 2 sets of town homes over the past 3 years and so last night they spent the evening landscaping the last town home they built. I mean landscaping is work not just a busy job but work, those of you who have done it know what I am talking about. So of course we pitched in and helped out, even Trevor. (This kid does it all laundry, making pancakes and laundry) He had more fun then any of us. (note: he was wearing his pj's because he was cleaned up for the evening and it was going to be a nice relaxing night at grandma and grandpa's) They were planting flowers so he would help shovel the dirt, put in the plant in and then fill with dirt and of course WATER. It as a crazy night and I still can not believe that is how they celebrated!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!