Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

Yes it is true today is my birthday......I am 1/4 of a century old (as Diane would say) otherwise known as 25! I can not believe that I am getting this old, it just seems like yesterday that I was 13 and could not wait to drive and leave the house and now looking back I wish I was 13 again. Well today is not only my birthday but it is also my best friend Marty's birthday AND her husband Jeremy's birthday....holy crap I know that it is hard to believe! When I first met Marty and Jeremy I did not believe them and I had them prove it to me by having them show me there driver's license....yep they were telling the truth. Yesterday was Trevor's party and afterwards
Dennis and Diane took Trevor home with them so I could go out and celebrate at midnight with Jeremy and Marty. It was also the motorcycle ride through downtown Brookings last night (this is where they ride motorcycles through a bar) so we went down and checked out the festivities. We thought it would only be approiate to take a picture of 3 of the birthday kids on a motorcycle. (Jennifer note the purse on the right in the first picture) Then while in a bar we ran into another one of there friends and we found out that it was his birthday TOO.....what a coincidence so then we all headed outside to take yet another picture next to the motorcycle (we figured that 3 was already too many to fit). You can tell that I am getting old because I was soooo tired that I did not even make it to midnight and I was home and in bed by 11pm!

So today to celebrate my birthday we went to Dennis and Diane's to pick up Trevor and Diane made us swedish pancakes (I will have another post to comment on that). When then headed back to Brookings to take a nap and clean up after the party. When we were all rested we headed to the pool to celebrate the rest of the afternoon was so much fun to hang out with my two favorite boys!! When we came home Trevor gave me a present which was a glass picture frame with mom on it and nice words of wisdom with his picture in it. Then him & Jon gave me a card and it said "On your birthday I'd like to give you the world....but my heart will have to do." This made me cry because it was so precious!!! Overall it was a great day, thank you Jon and Trevor for making it special.


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you like the handbag enough to include it in the pictures! :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!