Thursday, May 29, 2008


Is it just me or does anyone else just love flowers this time of year?? I love to decorate our yard with color and there is nothing better to use then flowers. Every house we have lived in has been in new neighborhood so shade did not even exist so that rules tons of flowers out including my favorite flower impatiences. But since we have our new home and we have tons of shade what better to decorate with then impatiences.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Home

Since we have moved into our new home Mydland (our dog) has been staying at Greg's house. But since my brother has sold his house and closed on it this week we have had to get some things together to get him over here. So the past 2 nights we have bought a dog kennel and put it next to the garage and Jon wanted to build a little home for him so he can get out of the rain and cold. I was thinking something simple but that is never the case with Jon....instead he has built Mydland a castle of his own that has shingles on it and is insulated in the walls. He even painted the now that is a dog house if you ask me.

The best part is to buy a plastic kennel it would cost about $100 but Jon built this kennel with all the bells and whistles for only $80. Our next step is the pour concrete next to the garage so the kennel sits on that instead of uneven grass, not to mention dogs like to dig and I do not want holes all around the kennel it would make our house look trashy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend Recap

I am getting really bad about updating these days.....I got yelled at by Marilyn this past weekend and I really think it helped kicked me into gear (thanks Marilyn). Work has been crazy and the internet has been down at home but now we are back in business!

We traveled to the lake this past weekend and had a great time, it was nice to see all the family again. The most exciting news of the weekend was Trevor and Jon went fishing and Trevor caught his first fish, a big mouth bass. He was sooo excited and proud but he would not hold it or for that matter touch it BUT he was still very excited.

Here are some pictures from our nice long weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Trevor has learned his ABC's and would like to share with everyone!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where have I been?

Where the heck have I been you might ask?? Well since SDSU was done with school last Friday I moved half of my office over to the middle of campus where I will work for the summer months. Since my computer has been in route I have not had time to update my blog. ARAMARK is getting a new computer system for inventory, ordering and menus so another manager and I are running our computer side by side all summer to make sure the system goes in properly (lots and lots of work).

One of the perks of my summer office is the HUGE window I have right next to my is awesome!! I get to see what the weather is doing and what is happening on campus. My office at Medary does not have a window so I had no clue what I was missing until I had one.

PS...look at what my little man gave me for Mother's Day.....what a sweetie!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Donation

During the year when my building is open I allow my employees to wear jeans on Friday if they would like, the catch is they have to pay a dollar so each Friday is called denim for dollars. So at the end of the year we decide what we would like to do with that money they can either spend it on something for the building OR donate it.

So over Thanksgiving break if you remember that my building was broken into and also with some other things the denim for dollars money was taken. But since then we have raised over $100 dollars which is actually a lot if you count the number of Friday's we were there minus the month of December for Christmas break and Spring Break. So before everyone left on Friday their vote was to donate the money to the Domestic Women's Abuse Shelter here in town so today that is just what I did and it really felt good to help those people.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Last Day

Today is my official last day at Medary until August 31st.....we will close our doors at 2pm and all of my employees are very excited. To me it does not even seem like it could be this time of year already.
Speaking of this time of year my sister-in-law and I had the same idea for our post today (great minds think a like right?)
When we moved into our new home it was during the winter months so we had no clue as to what was planted for landscaping but much to our suprise we really like everything we are seeing. I am very suprised how well it was kept up plus the previous owner left the tags next to each plant so we knew what it was...nice lady.

Don't worry we are going to get rid of the ugly edging.

I want everyone to put the date June 21st on their calendar that is going to be Trevor's birthday will start at 1pm and go until whenever!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A New Toy

Jon and I being the nice parents that we are decided it was time to buy Trevor a power wheels. My mom and dad bought him a gator for his 2nd birthday but they keep it at their house so he has something to play with when he goes to visit. So most nights at home he is looking for something like that to play with.

So we got him the John Deere tractor and trailer and he loves it. The bad part is, the stupid tractor has 3 gears: reverse, 1st and 2nd and 2nd geat is WAY TOOOOO Fast for him, everytime it is in 2nd gear and he steps on the gas he gets wip-lash and laughs harder everytime. He loves it and that is all that matters.

Notice how both pictures I got his back, well that is because he went by my way too fast and I could not snap a picture fast enough (you can kind of see the smile on his face from laughing at me).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rummage Sale

Well this Saturday I am having a rummage sale and let me tell you it is going to be a HUGE one!! Since we have sold our last house most of our things went into storage because we moved in with my brother he had almost everything. And not knowing what kind of a house we would move into we would buy things here and there thinking we might need them, well we have been in our house for 6 months now and our storage unit is still full so it is time to sell. We have tons of decorating things, mirrors, clocks, a grill, tv, patio table and chairs, kitchen table and chairs and not to mention a ton of hunting things Jon is going to sell. It is going to be one day so I told myself to price things right! The best part is that our whole block is doing this so hopefully there will be tons of people. We got a flyer in our mailbox a couple of weeks ago telling us all about it and Jon and I knew that we would be in!

I sure hope it is a nice day!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Only in South Dakota

Today I was talking with one of my grill cooks and you just have to know her personality to realize how funny this is but she told me a story and I want to share it.

She is one of those cowgirls that will never leave South Dakota and has raised 2 kids and they are off to college (she is about my mom's age) and she was saying how quiet it is around the house but she is very lucky to have her horse named Sunday to keep her company.

So we were talking about how nice the weather is outside and I asked her what she does when it is so nice out, this is what she said: well I go home and ride my horse and by that time I am really tired because I get up at 4am to do chores and then I am at work by 5:30am. So when it is time for her nap she gets a lawn chair and lays down and then ties the horse up to her chair so she can take a nap and the horse can graze. When the horse is done grazing in that one spot she pulls Sherri's chair and goes to another spot.......seriously how many people do you know that do this??? I was laughing so hard because can you imagine sleeping and having a horse pull you around to graze in another spot. Only in South Dakota!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Greg's Graduation

My brother has offically graduated from SDSU. We attended the ceremony on Saturday and it was the largest number of SDSU students graduating (1600 graduated and 1000 walked through). Something they did different this year was the undergraduates had a ceremony at 10am and the graduates where at 2:30pm so that really moved things along.
Then he had family and relatives over to his house one last time and we celebrated until 11pm that night with a keg of beer.
Greg sold his house and has to be out on May 28th and he found a farm with a little under 2 acres that he wanted but the auction was at 10am on SAT (same day as graduation) so my dad and Jon went out and bid on the property and HE GOT IT and then hurried back into town just in time to watch Greg so across the stage. It was a very busy day but well worth it because now Greg is not homeless.

Greg is the second one in the picture

Trevor is very proud of his uncle

Greg and Kelsi

Greg and I

Trevor, Jon, Me, Greg, Dad and Mom

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Lawn Bag

First I want to tell about my new lawn tool that I just bought. The house that we moved into has mature landscaping and most of it has rock around the outside but with all the trees around the leaves all collect in the rocks and it bothers I bought a vacuum for outside use. I used it the other night and it works awesome, you just run it across the rocks and it picks up leaves or anything dead or loose. The best part is that I bought the machine at a rummage sale for only $4 and it works like a charm and now our landscaping looks great.

So back to the story about the lawn bag, once I was done vacuuming up in the rocks Jon was helping me empty the bag into a lawn bag. But he could not open the bag all the way because it was so big so he put it over his head and got it to open. Well in the mean time Trevor is watching all of this and says "I want to do that too" how great is that we are teaching our son to wear a bag on his head except it covered up his whole body.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Big Boy Bed

I know that most kids get out of their crib around the age of 2 but honestly I did not want Trevor out of his crib until now. I think now he is ready and will appreciate it more so last night we turned his crib into a big boy bed and.........he LOVED it! He was so excited that he could get in and out all by himself because now he is a big boy.

My main concern was if he would roll out during the night so last night was a trial night. Things were fine and then around 2am I woke up to a tump and then a little boy crying and sure enought I opened his door and there he was laying on the floor. He cried and said "mom I fell out of my bed, now what". Once I explained to him he was not in a crib anymore and that he needed to be careful or he would fall out he went right back to sleep. Not bad for a first night.



The nice thing about this bed is that that you can also make it into a full sized bed too for when he gets older.

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