Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fancy Shopping Carts

Have any of you noticed that when you go into a store that there is no reason why you need a stroller because the stores have such fun and fancy shopping carts. I did not realize this until this past weekend when we went to Sioux Falls with my parents and forgot Trevor's stroller. Every single store that we went into had some kind of a kid friendly shopping cart and I do not just mean something with a cool design. All of the carts that we used were down right "wow" looking carts. We went into a furniture store and the cart there was a fire truck, the one in best buy was some kind of a race car (picture). Then we went to the mall and there were tons to pick from. What a fun time for kids, I think I will forget to bring the stroller more often.

Monday, March 26, 2007

One Mean Lookin' Cowboy!

Well Saturday we got Trevor's pictures taken at Harold's. I have had this lined up for months because the whole deal was FREE. I take Trevor's old clothes that I want to sell to Kydz Planet, the last time I was in there the owner had customer appreciation day and if I brought clothes in that day I got a free session at Harold's. It was a cowboy setting and it was 15 minutes long. Trevor was a very big stinker, an hour before we had to be there we gave him some breakfast and he did not eat very well so while I was getting him dressed for the pictures Jon says "here Trevor do you want a bite of daddy's banana?" Of course he took a bite but he would not swallow it. We tried up until the last minute that we left for pictures to get him to swallow. I even tried to give me a drink of pop but nothing worked the banana was still in his mouth. So we loaded him up in the car thinking he would swallow it but no luck, we get there and took him out of the car and he still had banana in his mouth. So during the whole photo shoot he had banana in his mouth. He never smiled showing his teeth it was just some kind of a grin. I will post pictures of the shoot once I get them but here are a few I took before we went to Harold's. Jon called him the mean old cowboy because he would not smile and we also said it looks like he has chew in his mouth because of that stupid banana.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Money Snatchers.....

Well everyone with kids will know exactly what I am talking about. When you go into a mall or a store that has the rides that kids can ride for like a quarter and the ride lasts about a minute long....well I have learned to discover that I hate those things. The people that made these rides were really thinking and must be millionaire's, they put them right in the middle of everything so the kids see them and want to stop. We went to the Watertown mall and Jon said to me "Amber distract Trevor because the money snatchers are on the right". So I did my best and starting talking to Trevor hoping that he would not see them but I was wrong. Just as we got past them and thought that we were safe he looks back and says "Wow mommy look, a truck" and takes off running. Mean time Jon and I are thinking "Oh crap here we go". We were lucky enough that he only wanted to ride twice and then find something else to do but what about next time?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Our New Home

Well a lot of people have asked me what we are doing since we sold our house (I guess they have not been looking at my blog to stay updated). So I thought I would post a picture of the house that we have moved into. Like I said earlier, we are living with my brother until we find something we like or until we decide to build. Houses in Brookings are crazy they are either way over priced or they sell within minutes of coming onto the market. So for now this is where we are calling home. It is on the south part of town off of 20th Street South and about two blocks from Fishback Soccer Fields. It is a nice location because it is really quiet and it is also in a cul-de-sac. All I know is that our next home I am going to try very hard to find something in a cul-de-sac because it is awesome. Our home that we just sold was located in one and it was nice because there was hardly ever any traffic and the neighbor kids would play hockey and ride there bikes all over. Those of you that live in one know what I am talking about.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

These boots are made for walkin'

These boots are made for walkin' and one of these days these boots are going to walk all over least I think? Well last night we went to Runnings because Jon wanted to get a new pair of rubber boots since his old ones are filled up with water by 10am. And let me tell you it was an interesting trip, it is like a zoo in that store. So when we got to the store we all headed back to the boot department to find some rubber boots to go over Jon's work boots. After trying on all of them he decided on a specific pair but the problem was that he could not get them over his work boots. Jon wears a size 9 and after trying on a size 12 and was still not able to get them on he started laughing and said "Amber please find me the size 9 and without laughing unbuckle the bottoms of them so I can get them on" I almost died laughing. This whole time he did not figure out he had to unbuckle the bottom buckle. (I am still laughing at him today) So once we thought we had the boot situation figured out we went for a ride in the cart to look at toys and right next to the toy aisle are little bins of real animals. All they had last night were baby ducks but holy cow did Trevor think those were cool. The whole time we stood there looking at them we would say "Quack, Quack, Quack". Then we walked a little further and there were rabbits in cages and holy smokes was that an even bigger deal. So needless to say Trevor had a good time at the zoo last night, that was all he could talk about all night long and this morning. So just when we thought we could leave and the boots where picked out we were wrong Jon found a better pair in the hunting department along with some stupid turkey video that was 3 hours long because now he is going to start turkey hunting in April (that is a whole other story in itself). So one with my story, after trying on this new pair of great boots the decision was made that those were the ones (they did not have buckles) we were off and out of the crazy store. So when we got home Trevor thought it would be a good idea to try daddy's boots on but there was one big problem they were way too big for him as you can see in this picture but he proceeded to wear them although he could not walk in them because his feet did not even reach the bottom.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Splish Splash

Well as most of you know, Trevor loves WATER! I am not kidding this kid is crazy when it comes to water. He loves to take a bath, after supper he is run into the bathroom and say "water, water, water". He also loves to play with it, by saying this I mean when we are at a restaurant he wants to sit and stir water in his glass with a spoon and the same goes for when he is either at grandma Judy's house or grandma Diane's house he goes right to the sink and starts yelling "water, water, water". Well the main reason for this post is to let the grandma's and whoever else know that I let Trevor play in the water on Monday night. Yes, it is true it was my idea. I am always the one to say "No, Trevor water all gone" because he always makes such a mess and gets water everywhere and then he wants to do this at home which I do not like because then that is all he wants to do. So anyways, Monday night when it was so nice out I put some boots on Trevor and old pants and I let him go at it outside. It was hilarious!!! He ran from mud puddle to mud puddle, water splashing everywhere. By the time he was done he had water from head to toe! The whole time we were out there (2 hours) he had nothing but smiles all over his face and at the same time yelling "water, water, water". I am telling you this kid is crazy to love water this much.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cloe Jean Anderson

Well she is here!!! Jon's cousin Mindy had her baby on Monday March 5th, yep that is also the day of Jon's birthday (30th birthday to be exact). Cloe was born at 3:23pm and weight 9lbs and 14ozs, she was also 2 weeks early. We went to see her on Saturday and she is a doll. She has dark blue eyes and a very dark skin tone with dark brown hair. Kailey her big sister(7 years old) is just in heaven, I tried to talk Kailey into letting me bring Cloe home but she did not like that idea at all! Trevor was very jealous about the baby, he really did not like it when Jon or I held Cloe. He would come over and sit next to me and say "My Mommy". It was interesting to see how Trevor would react to us holding another baby since that has not happened before but things went how we fingured they would, he was very jealous! (No, I am not thinking about having another one, nice try get you mind out of the gutter). We are very happy for you Ben, Mindy and Kailey, Congratulations!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Well it is official we have sold our house! It has been a long road but well worth the time. It all started 7 months ago when Jon and I decided to try and sell the house on our own. Well it went alright but we did not get any offers so then in November we decided to list it with an agent and after being on the market for 50 days we recieved an offer. I guess people just feel better going through an agent. After working with the buyers we agreed on a price and a closing date which was going to be March 1st. Well as time got closer things got more crazy and we realized that March 1st was a Thursday and it would be very hard to move things out during the week. So we asked for an extension until March 5th so we had that whole weekend to move because the weekend before was the big party in Ivanhoe and also a big snow storm. After the new buyers put up a bit of a fuss they gave in. So last Monday March 5th we signed papers and it was offical. I bet most of you are thinking where the heck we moved too, well as for right now we have moved in with my brother until we can find something that we like or we might just even build. Right now we are leaning more on building because then we can get what we want and Jon and my brother and my dad can do a lot of things themselves and it will not cost us as much to build. We still do not know but when we decide I will let everyone know. After living with my brother for a week things are going better then expected. Trevor and him are becoming a lot closer and Trevor is getting old enough where him and Greg can got and do things together. Last night him and Greg went outside and scooped off the deck and then played in the mud puddle on the end of the driveway, they had grand fun!! It is also nice for Jon and I because last week we wanted to go to a movie and Greg volunteered to watch him so it is nice for us to get a break. Overall things are going really good and Trevor has found a new buddy!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Where have I been?

Holy smokes where the heck have I been? Well I have had the last week off because it was Spring Break at SDSU...YEAH! Oh do not worry that is not the only thing I have been up too. The the past week several things has happened, the first piece of news is that we have sold our house, yep it finally has happened. We had to be out by Monday March 5th (Jon's 30th birthday). So in the mean time since we have not found a home that suits us or one that we like we have moved in with my brother. We are very lucky to have him, he just built a 5 bedroom and 3 bathroom house last summer so there is lots of room for all of us. So on top of moving last weekend during the end of the biggest snow storm in a decade and trying to finalize everything we got a call on Tuesday morning that our daycare provider was very sick and would not take kids the rest of the week. YIKES!! So Jon and I have been taking turns all week staying home with him and going back and forth to work AND moving in. Yep, it has been one crazy week!! Things are finally starting to settle down and getting back to normal. Hopefully starting on Monday things will be 100% back to normal.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Well today at work I had to pick a destination meal before our Spring Break started and I decided to visit Hawaii. I required all my employees to wear something Hawaiian to celebrate the themed meal. I had to make the menu for the event and this is what I came up with: Honey Peppered Salmon, Beef and Pineapple Kabobs, Carved Ham with Pineapple Glaze and tons of Hawaiian sides. Unfortunately the weather was not willing to cooperate with us since another really bad storm has hit us. Yesterday campus called off classes at 5pm and they are debating what to do today since the wind is supposed to blow gusts of up to 50mph today, yikes! So the picture is of half of my employees and myself, the other half are stranded at home which makes for a very crazy day and I am sure tomorrow will be the same thing. I hope you all stay safe and warm today & enjoy the snow!

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