Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fancy Shopping Carts

Have any of you noticed that when you go into a store that there is no reason why you need a stroller because the stores have such fun and fancy shopping carts. I did not realize this until this past weekend when we went to Sioux Falls with my parents and forgot Trevor's stroller. Every single store that we went into had some kind of a kid friendly shopping cart and I do not just mean something with a cool design. All of the carts that we used were down right "wow" looking carts. We went into a furniture store and the cart there was a fire truck, the one in best buy was some kind of a race car (picture). Then we went to the mall and there were tons to pick from. What a fun time for kids, I think I will forget to bring the stroller more often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

I've noticed those lately and thought of Trevor - I bet he had fun "driving" those things!

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