Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cloe Jean Anderson

Well she is here!!! Jon's cousin Mindy had her baby on Monday March 5th, yep that is also the day of Jon's birthday (30th birthday to be exact). Cloe was born at 3:23pm and weight 9lbs and 14ozs, she was also 2 weeks early. We went to see her on Saturday and she is a doll. She has dark blue eyes and a very dark skin tone with dark brown hair. Kailey her big sister(7 years old) is just in heaven, I tried to talk Kailey into letting me bring Cloe home but she did not like that idea at all! Trevor was very jealous about the baby, he really did not like it when Jon or I held Cloe. He would come over and sit next to me and say "My Mommy". It was interesting to see how Trevor would react to us holding another baby since that has not happened before but things went how we fingured they would, he was very jealous! (No, I am not thinking about having another one, nice try get you mind out of the gutter). We are very happy for you Ben, Mindy and Kailey, Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the "baby" news. We had heard they had the baby(thru Sara), but had not heard officially from them. She really is a cutie and Kailey seems so proud.

We are heading home tomorrow(Wed.). We would like to stay longer as the weather is really nice now......but, back to reality.

Deanna & Reed

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