Friday, September 28, 2007

Hobo Days

Well this weekend is Hobo Days at SDSU which means a list of activities. Tomorrow morning there is a parade which starts at 9:30am (which is normally the best parade around), then tomorrow after noon the Jackrabbit football team takes on Texas at 2pm at the stadium. My day is filled with work, so I thank my parents for willingly agreeing to take Trevor to the parade. They are going to sit right outside of Medary so I can pop out and say HI when we are slow, because I have to work at the coffee shop all morning and then head over to the football game and work concessions for the big game. (FYI....I am sure most of you are wondering about Jon, well it is the first weekend of duck hunting so him and Corey are going to get up at the crack of dawn and go hunting, weirdo's) So it should be a great time and I know Trevor is excited to go to the parade and see all the big trucks, as he would say!
Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well I can not believe that fall is already here! Where the heck has the time gone, it is depressing that the days are getting shorter and it gets dark so early. Even though it is depressing fall is still my favorite season because summer's are so hot and once fall hits it is nice to have cool days, like this week and to also see all the tress change colors.

What is your favorite season?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well it is official I have just enrolled Trevor in Pre-School for next fall. I met with the director this morning and filled out paperwork and his class is Tuesday and Thursday from 8:35am-11:15am. They go along with the same time frame as the Brookings School System meaning when they start classes that is when Trevor starts and then he will go until May. It is also nice because if Brookings School is called off because of weather then so is Trevor's school. It is also convenient because it is about 5 blocks from my work so picking him up and dropping him off is no problem.

I can not believe my baby is going to start school next fall!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Alright this is a funny story. So Jon's parents are in Philadelphia this week for a water conference and we were trying to explain this to Trevor because he wanted to go and see them. So then we tried talking him into calling them on the phone but that was not good enough. So then all he would say is "grandpa Dennis is in Philadelphia" over and over again. I have been trying all weekend to get this on video because it is the funniest thing and last night I got it!! Watch how at the end he puts his hands on his knees and really lets me have it. Now how many 2 year old's do you know that can say all that?? Every time I watch this it just makes me laugh all over again!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Bargains & Milestones

Well this weekend Jon and I got a great bargain and Trevor hit another milestone!! First of all our great bargain for the weekend was.....we went shopping at Lowe's for some more things for our new house. We have also been to Home Depot & Menards so at this point we are seeing what is cheapest and where. So we bought fans and other misc things at Menards because we are picky when it comes to certain things and what brands they are because as Jon says....."you get what you pay for". Jon really knows what he is talking about because working in construction all of his life he has seen his share of things fail because they were the cheapest thing a person could buy. Anyways, we went to Lowe's here in Brookings and I told Jon to just check out fans to see what there prices were because we know we want "HUNTER" fans because they are a better quality fan and he comes running back and says "Amber you gotten come and see this". Sure enough it was our lucky day the exact fan that we wanted was on sale for $49 because Lowe's was not going to carry that particular fan anymore so they were all on clearance....the original price was $110! So we bought that exact same fan at Menards for $99...yeee haw we saved $50 a fan and we needed 3 of them so I saved a total of $150....we are all about bargains!! So now its back to Menards to return the other fan we originally bought.

So now on to Trevor's milestone, we have been trying for weeks for him to count to 5 or 10 for us but he won't he just gets to stubborn. So last night in the bathtub he was playing water and was filling up a bucket and he says out of no where......1,2,3,4,5,6 Jon and I just looked at each other and started freaking out saying...yeah Trevor!!! He looked at both of us like what the heck is wrong with my parents. It just cracks me up that little kids will not do certain things when you ask them to but sometimes out of the blue they just rattle certain things off. We were so proud of him!! Maybe it is a boy thing because when my brother was little he would not count for my mom and then one day in the grocery store he said "mom I will count to 10 if I can have a candy bar" and sure enough he did and it just blew my mom away!

Kids you gotta love them!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Too Cute

I got this as a forward and it just made me laugh because Trevor will come up to me sometimes and say "hey mom, whatcha doin" Happy Friday!

PS....Jennifer, did you wear jeans today?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brushing your Teeth

How old where you when you started brushing your teeth? Do you remember? Well I think my son is on track because every morning when he gets up HE picks out what he will wear today (he made this very clear last week that he would from now on decide what he is going to wear and I have little say) then we got upstairs and get some juice and watch Mickey Mouse for about 10 minutes. Then he decides it is time to brush his teeth and this is about a 10 minute process. And for only being 2 he does a great job for not really knowing what he is supposed to be doing. We work on it each and everyday and he is getting to be a big pro!! I took these pictures this morning.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well it is not very often that I do not have much to say except for this week. I have not posted anything because I really have not had any stories to tell. It has been the same old boring things eat, sleep and work.

Last night Jon and I went to Sioux Falls and bought a bunch of stuff for our new house at Menards, we were both really excited. Although we just bought boring stuff like ceiling fans, light fixtures, wood blinds.....etc. We are both getting excited for the big day when the house is ours. Monday we went over there again to look at a few things and just to refresh what the floor plan was and some odd things we were wondering about.

If anyone needs anything to do on the weekend of Oct 12Th.....bring your paint brush on over!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

19th President

Well this past weekend we welcomed the 19Th President into SDSU. An Inauguration for President David Chicoine was this past weekend, filling the weekend up with hardly anytime for sleep. This event was a huge deal for SDSU and once I look back at everything that took place I have no clue how we did it all or how we got through it. This event was fancier then a wedding and I took pictures to prove it. Saturday at noon there were 2 meals, one at the Student Union for 400 people where we had linens flown in, flowers with a total cost of $3000, a string cortet that played soft music during the meal and a room full of suits and dresses. The other meal was on the other side of campus for another 400 people with tents that took days to set up and not to mention all the fancy decorating. To make things more stressful both meals kicked off at the same time and yep we had to cater them both. Here are a few pictures that I took of the event in the Student Union.

Later that evening we headed over to the Football Stadium to set-up the concession stand AND 2 tailgate areas!! When I said it was busy I was not kidding! At the game there was a count of 13,000 people can you imagine how busy the concession stand was??? At this point I am so sick of pouring hot chocolate! After my 13 hour day I called my dad to wish him a Happy 50Th Birthday and told them to head to Brookings so Jon and I could buy them a drink. So finally around 10:30pm him and my mom and my uncle Danny showed up to have a few drinks at Cubby's and then we all headed home to get some sleep. HAPPY BIRHTDAY DAD!!
I do not think I need to tell you what I did on Sunday.......REST!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A New Home

Well it is official we have bought a house.....YEAH!! Jon and I are both very excited. It is nothing special or fancy but it has 3 bedrooms on the main level, 2 bathrooms one upstairs and one down. It is a ranch style with original hardwood floors on the main level (which I am very excited about). All of the appliances are included and they are all in great shape. The lower level is finished with a huge family room and what I love most is all the closet space. It is in a great neighborhood of town and it also has a perfect back yard for Trevor to play in. It also features a 2 stall finished garage AND a shed. We are both very anxious to take possession and that will happen on October 12Th. Then you could say let the painting begin!! I will post pictures soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Body Art

Well I am not even sure where to start with this post!! Last night Trevor was playing with Greg in the office while I was doing laundry and I heard them giggling but paid no attention, well that was a mistake!! Greg thought it would be fun to draw a small tattoo WITH MARKER on Trevor but one small drawing turned into full body art. Greg left the markers out and Trevor went to work on himself, what do you think? Should he grow up to become an artist??

After I took a few pictures I put him in front of a mirror and had him take a look.....his reaction was: "mom I look pretty, I play markers"!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thomas The Train

Alright so last night I needed to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and I told Trevor that he should stay home with daddy and play trucks. This was his response: "mommy, I stay home and be good and you buy Trevor a Thomas Train". I almost died laughing at this and then said why do you want a Thomas Train? "Because I like to play Thomas he is fun, please mommy buy one I will be good"!!

So I headed out the door full of smiles because he is growing up so fast and it is amazing to me that we can now have a conversation. So I finished buying what I needed and decided to run through the clearance isle to see if I could find something Thomas and sure enough there was a train set on sale, so being the push over I was I bought it.

I walked in the door and Trevor said "mommy I was really good did you buy me anything?" I then showed him the train and he lost it, screaming his head off because he was so excited!! Once I put it together and he was playing with it I thought that he might calm down but no such luck so I videotaped him and Jon playing, this is hilarious!! If you listen carefully he says "Thomas no, Thomas no do not go that way"!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wild Weekend

Well it was a wild weekend at the Healy Home!!

Friday: We traveled to Ivanhoe to have supper with Jon's mom and dad and it gave Trevor a chance to see them again and of course play WATER! Thanks for the supper!!

Saturday: Jon picked up a side project with my brother for the weekend in Hendricks so Trevor and I went to Joel & Jerett's house to play toys and have coffee, that was also a grand time. Then my mom picked Trevor up Saturday afternoon so I could cater a wedding for work.

Sunday: MY MOM HAD A BIRTHDAY!! So Trevor and I went to Sioux Falls with her and we went shopping and had some dinner. While we were in the mall Trevor wanted to ride on a money snatchers and so I gave in but what I did not realize is that by putting in a dollar it would control all 3 rides. When it was done we were getting off and another little girl wanted to ride it so he dad put in a dollar and so Trevor stayed on his since it was already paid for, needless to say this went on for about 20 minutes. I HATE those stupid things, my mom thought it was funny. Then Sunday night Dennis and Diane traveled to Brookings and took us out for supper, so overall it was a crazy weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Here are some pictures that I just recieved from Grandma Diane from this past Labor Day Weekend. Jon and Trevor headed up to the lake to visit the Healy's while I worked. I thought there were some cute ones so I wanted to share!!


Where the heck have I been? Well I have been doing nothing but working!! I worked all of labor day weekend and for the whole weekend I worked 34.5 hours and my building opened for normal hours on Tuesday so it has been crazy......tomorrow I will have a good post for all of my readers!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!