Monday, September 17, 2007

19th President

Well this past weekend we welcomed the 19Th President into SDSU. An Inauguration for President David Chicoine was this past weekend, filling the weekend up with hardly anytime for sleep. This event was a huge deal for SDSU and once I look back at everything that took place I have no clue how we did it all or how we got through it. This event was fancier then a wedding and I took pictures to prove it. Saturday at noon there were 2 meals, one at the Student Union for 400 people where we had linens flown in, flowers with a total cost of $3000, a string cortet that played soft music during the meal and a room full of suits and dresses. The other meal was on the other side of campus for another 400 people with tents that took days to set up and not to mention all the fancy decorating. To make things more stressful both meals kicked off at the same time and yep we had to cater them both. Here are a few pictures that I took of the event in the Student Union.

Later that evening we headed over to the Football Stadium to set-up the concession stand AND 2 tailgate areas!! When I said it was busy I was not kidding! At the game there was a count of 13,000 people can you imagine how busy the concession stand was??? At this point I am so sick of pouring hot chocolate! After my 13 hour day I called my dad to wish him a Happy 50Th Birthday and told them to head to Brookings so Jon and I could buy them a drink. So finally around 10:30pm him and my mom and my uncle Danny showed up to have a few drinks at Cubby's and then we all headed home to get some sleep. HAPPY BIRHTDAY DAD!!
I do not think I need to tell you what I did on Sunday.......REST!


Jennifer said...

Wow! You did so much. The event looks great, though! You must be worn out. Happy Birthday to Dirk!

Anonymous said...

I hope you did get rested up on Sunday! It sounds like you helped make the inauguration a great party!

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