Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well it is official I have just enrolled Trevor in Pre-School for next fall. I met with the director this morning and filled out paperwork and his class is Tuesday and Thursday from 8:35am-11:15am. They go along with the same time frame as the Brookings School System meaning when they start classes that is when Trevor starts and then he will go until May. It is also nice because if Brookings School is called off because of weather then so is Trevor's school. It is also convenient because it is about 5 blocks from my work so picking him up and dropping him off is no problem.

I can not believe my baby is going to start school next fall!!


Jennifer said...

How exciting! Why do you have to enroll a year in advance? Are there a limited number of spots?

Amber said...

Yes, they have a limited amount of seats and it is VERY hard to get into. I have actually been working on this for a year now. Marty is taking her boys there so I have been talking to the teacher about it for a while now.

It is a great school and I love the 2 days a week and for only 3 hours each day, that is perfect for a 3 year old.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that our little guy is going to be ready for school - time does fly by!! Is the pre-school at the Lutheran Church at the end of main?
Gramma Diney

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