Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Bargains & Milestones

Well this weekend Jon and I got a great bargain and Trevor hit another milestone!! First of all our great bargain for the weekend was.....we went shopping at Lowe's for some more things for our new house. We have also been to Home Depot & Menards so at this point we are seeing what is cheapest and where. So we bought fans and other misc things at Menards because we are picky when it comes to certain things and what brands they are because as Jon says....."you get what you pay for". Jon really knows what he is talking about because working in construction all of his life he has seen his share of things fail because they were the cheapest thing a person could buy. Anyways, we went to Lowe's here in Brookings and I told Jon to just check out fans to see what there prices were because we know we want "HUNTER" fans because they are a better quality fan and he comes running back and says "Amber you gotten come and see this". Sure enough it was our lucky day the exact fan that we wanted was on sale for $49 because Lowe's was not going to carry that particular fan anymore so they were all on clearance....the original price was $110! So we bought that exact same fan at Menards for $99...yeee haw we saved $50 a fan and we needed 3 of them so I saved a total of $150....we are all about bargains!! So now its back to Menards to return the other fan we originally bought.

So now on to Trevor's milestone, we have been trying for weeks for him to count to 5 or 10 for us but he won't he just gets to stubborn. So last night in the bathtub he was playing water and was filling up a bucket and he says out of no where......1,2,3,4,5,6 Jon and I just looked at each other and started freaking out saying...yeah Trevor!!! He looked at both of us like what the heck is wrong with my parents. It just cracks me up that little kids will not do certain things when you ask them to but sometimes out of the blue they just rattle certain things off. We were so proud of him!! Maybe it is a boy thing because when my brother was little he would not count for my mom and then one day in the grocery store he said "mom I will count to 10 if I can have a candy bar" and sure enough he did and it just blew my mom away!

Kids you gotta love them!!


Jennifer said...

Good bargain hunting! I love Lowe's...

Yay Trevor! That's pretty funny about Greg. I won't be surprised if Trevor tries that angle, too!

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