Monday, May 12, 2008

A Donation

During the year when my building is open I allow my employees to wear jeans on Friday if they would like, the catch is they have to pay a dollar so each Friday is called denim for dollars. So at the end of the year we decide what we would like to do with that money they can either spend it on something for the building OR donate it.

So over Thanksgiving break if you remember that my building was broken into and also with some other things the denim for dollars money was taken. But since then we have raised over $100 dollars which is actually a lot if you count the number of Friday's we were there minus the month of December for Christmas break and Spring Break. So before everyone left on Friday their vote was to donate the money to the Domestic Women's Abuse Shelter here in town so today that is just what I did and it really felt good to help those people.

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