Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend Recap

I am getting really bad about updating these days.....I got yelled at by Marilyn this past weekend and I really think it helped kicked me into gear (thanks Marilyn). Work has been crazy and the internet has been down at home but now we are back in business!

We traveled to the lake this past weekend and had a great time, it was nice to see all the family again. The most exciting news of the weekend was Trevor and Jon went fishing and Trevor caught his first fish, a big mouth bass. He was sooo excited and proud but he would not hold it or for that matter touch it BUT he was still very excited.

Here are some pictures from our nice long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures...he is almost touching that fish in the one pic!!

Jennifer said...

I love these pictures! How exciting that Trevor caught his first fish before turning three.

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