Monday, May 5, 2008

Greg's Graduation

My brother has offically graduated from SDSU. We attended the ceremony on Saturday and it was the largest number of SDSU students graduating (1600 graduated and 1000 walked through). Something they did different this year was the undergraduates had a ceremony at 10am and the graduates where at 2:30pm so that really moved things along.
Then he had family and relatives over to his house one last time and we celebrated until 11pm that night with a keg of beer.
Greg sold his house and has to be out on May 28th and he found a farm with a little under 2 acres that he wanted but the auction was at 10am on SAT (same day as graduation) so my dad and Jon went out and bid on the property and HE GOT IT and then hurried back into town just in time to watch Greg so across the stage. It was a very busy day but well worth it because now Greg is not homeless.

Greg is the second one in the picture

Trevor is very proud of his uncle

Greg and Kelsi

Greg and I

Trevor, Jon, Me, Greg, Dad and Mom


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun! Congrats to Greg on graduating and the new house!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures!

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