Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Big Boy Bed

I know that most kids get out of their crib around the age of 2 but honestly I did not want Trevor out of his crib until now. I think now he is ready and will appreciate it more so last night we turned his crib into a big boy bed and.........he LOVED it! He was so excited that he could get in and out all by himself because now he is a big boy.

My main concern was if he would roll out during the night so last night was a trial night. Things were fine and then around 2am I woke up to a tump and then a little boy crying and sure enought I opened his door and there he was laying on the floor. He cried and said "mom I fell out of my bed, now what". Once I explained to him he was not in a crib anymore and that he needed to be careful or he would fall out he went right back to sleep. Not bad for a first night.



The nice thing about this bed is that that you can also make it into a full sized bed too for when he gets older.


Jennifer said...

I'm laughing so hard right now! It's not funny that he fell out, but yet it is. A 'rite of passage' in becoming a big boy...

I also can't help but think of Jack, now 23, who prefers a low bed next to the wall. He says he's afraid he'll fall out!

Maybe when Trevor figures it out he can give Jack some tips. :)

Anonymous said...

Jack is going to love the above comment! I can't wait to go to your house on Saturday so Trevor can show us his big boy bed!

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