Friday, June 15, 2007

2 Seconds

Well last night it only took 2 seconds for Trevor to get out of my sight and into something. When we get home we always go and let the dogs run for awhile, while we were opening the gate (at least I thought it was both of us) and putting collars on I looked and Trevor was gone. I ran around the corner and there he was sitting in the pool I forgot I bought him. Last Sunday I got him and pool and put water in it for it to warm up, well I forgot about it. He must of saw it and went running and jumped right in because by the time I got back there he was sitting in it with all his clothes on and his shoes. I looked at him and he said "wow mommy look swimming." But that is not even the best part, once Mydland saw we were back there he thought it would be fun to also join in on the fun so he got into the pool. Trevor thought this was great because someone was swimming with him. Then Mydland would drink the water because it was still cool, well Trevor observed this and thought he would try. So he got on his knees, put his head in the water and also drank some water....yuck! I will also attached a video clip of the two of them playing it is really funny because you can hear Trevor laughing his little heart out. (Watch as Trevor splashes water, Mydland is trying to catch it & that is what he thinks is so funny)


Anonymous said...

This blog is really the highlight of my day - will we be able to save them forever?

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