Friday, June 22, 2007

A New Lawn Mower

Well Trevor got his first birthday present yesterday and it was a lawn mower that makes lots of sounds from grandma Diane and grandpa Dennis.....thank you!! He really loves it, he will push the button to start it and then pushes it all over the house. Then he will look at us and say "mow yard" its pretty cute.

Then to make the day even better there was a package at the front door from auntie Jenny and uncle Chris. He loved that one is a backyardagains cross splash. You hook the water hose up to it and step on it and water shoots out everywhere!!! He is going to have so much fun with that because Jenny knows that he loves water. They also gave him some money....thank you!! She also set me a VERY cute purse that I LOVE!!! And some lotion and a fragrance plug in....once again way too much stuff.....THANK YOU!! Trevor is going to call you tonight to thank you.


Anonymous said...

You are both so welcome!! We're glad you liked the gifts and that arrived in one piece. When Trevor gets around to playing with the Cross Splash, post some pics so we can see how it works!!!

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