Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimming with my fish part 2

Well yesterday I got off work early and so I decided to take Trevor to the pool again. This time instead of going to the free baby pool we went into the big kids side. Once we were in there we found out that there is more for Trevor to do in there then in the boring baby pool as he would say. So once we got in there I experienced something with Trevor that I have never experienced before. I realized I have a chick magnet, the picture below gives you an example of how he was laying and then when a girl would walk by he would say "HI, HI" but then when a little boy came up to him and said HI he just sat there, looked at him and said "BYE". At this point I am laughing pretty hard but then a girl about the age of 8 comes up to Trevor and says "my your cute" Trevor looks at her and says "HI, wanna play water" she starts laughing. Now I am getting frustrated because I realize what is going on.....

Then as we play longer Trevor gets more brave and starts showing off like in this picture running as fast as he can threw the water over and over again!

Then we go over to where they have water guns set up and all the other boys are playing with those and so Trevor being the little squirt he is says "me do it too mommy" and as you can see yes he did it too.

Over all it was a great time and I can not wait to go back again!


Amber said...

We won't tell Cor that Trevor is a chick magnet...otherwise Corey won't life his girls come within a 50 miles radius of Trevor! HA!

Anonymous said...

That is funny that you say that because I was thinking the same thing and I was going to put in there Rost girls beware!

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