Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday was my mom's birthday and since I was still on maternity leave the boys and I decided to make all the kids in her class cupcakes and suprise her at school. So when Trevor was done with school we left right for Hendricks.
When we got there the 1st graders where eating lunch in the cafeteria so Trevor walked in holding a ballon and the cupcakes to suprise grandma! She was very happy to see us! When the kids where done eating we went back to her room and had cupcakes. Then they had story time and did an activity about a bus. We where going to head out but next was free play outside and Trevor just had to go with all the kids. When they came in they had popsicles (the treat my mom brought for her birthday). Trevor was having so much fun and was being such a good boy and listener that grandma asked him to stay at school with her the rest of the day. So Carter and I went home and Trevor went to computer class with the kids and then to PE and off to the classroom for more learning. He had such a great time and was VERY tired by 4pm.
I then got a ride back over to Hendricks with Greg to have supper for my mom's birthday and after Trevor lifted a hand with helping with the new addition. It was a great night and by 830 I had one tired little boy!! Jon was golfing and got there at 830 to take us home.
Mom I hope you had a great birthday!!
Here are some pictures of Trevor at school and then after at there house.

Trevor loved every minute of school with grandma and the kids!
Serious Carpenter

Happy Carpenter (note the pen behind his ear)

Kelsi and Carter

Tape Measure a little heavy

Yep really heavy it is pulling his pants down!

Finally my favorite photo of the night!! I could not find him and so I went around the side of the garage and there he was peeing in grandpa's tractor bucket......BOYS!


Unknown said...

Hysterical....what a great day for all of you! I bet your Mom was pretty excited to have our little boys at school!!

Amber said...

Trevor likes ALL Rost girls!

Amber said...

Amber you must of noticed that he took a liking to Abby Rost (the chair next to her desk). He thought she was a "hot babe" he says that because she has long hair so tell your girls to watch out!

Jennifer said...

Trevor fits right in with the first graders!

How funny that he was peeing are going to have to break him of that habit before school. I can just see him peeing on the playground!!!

Amber said...

Jen I thought the same thing! Since he had to go at your house to and just could not wait and so he went outside!! Good thing it is going to be cold soon, that will break him of that habit.

Missy said...

Great post Amber...Thanks for the pictures of school.....I got to see my niece in action (Abby)!! Very cute!!

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