Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well it was a great Halloween for us!!! Carter enjoyed his first Halloween trick-or-treating with his big brother. We took them both door to door for a while on Saturday and then we took Carter back home to my parents to help them pass out candy and then we kept going with Trevor.

This was also the first year we stayed home to pass out candy and man was our street busy!! It was a good time all around, thanks to Kelsi for coming with us and to my mom and dad for also being there with us and then watching the boys afterwards so Jon and I could go out for a little while.
As far as the costume's go well nothing to crazy. Carter was the cutiest little pumpkin ever and also for the first time Trevor got to pick out his costume and he picked Buzz Lightyear. Next year we will have to get creative!
Hope everyone else had a good night!!

One tired little pumpkin! His hands where cold so mom put his shoes on as mittens to warm his hands up!

Thanks for dressing up and going with us trick-or-treating Kelsi!!


Unknown said...

Great pictures!! I like Trevor's costume but it's a good thing he didn't have that in the "corn pile" in Ivanhoe!

Jennifer said...

The boys look SO CUTE! Kelsi too. Where are Jon and Amber's costumes???

Amber said...

Hey it was bad enough chasing 2 boys and getting them ready, I can not even imagine getting myself ready. Thinking about it just makes me tired! Maybe once they get older we will but until then they are stuck with boring mom and dad.

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