Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Trevor is at that age where he does not want to take naps but the fact of the matter is: he needs them most days! He does not like going to daycare because he has to lay down for rest time and most days falls asleep. Well on the weekend we no longer push for him to have a nap, we just send him to bed earlier! Well last Sunday he did not take a nap but was VERY crabby by late afternoon, we had him go to his room to watch tv at 6pm and by 6:15pm he was fast asleep!

Isn't it just funny how they think they know everything!!


Unknown said...

Poor little dude....taking care of Mom and all the grammas on Mother's Day just knocked him out!!

Jennifer said...

If only we could get nap time back when we are adults and want a nap!

Amber said...

I agree Jen!! Tell me I need a nap and I would be sleeping in less then a minute! LOL

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