Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Wedding

This past weekend we had another wedding to attend too and that is the last one that I know of right now which brings that too 6 weddings that we have attended in the past 6 months. The reception was here in Brookings so that we nice that we did not have to drive anywhere then it gets to be a long weekend. Trevor as always tore up the dance floor and had a great time!! He became really good friends with Hanna Kjelden (Mike and Jodi Kjelden's daughter) they had such a great time together.

Trevor and Hanna where playing hide and seek and said they had a good spot. Well I can not see them can you?


Anonymous said...

Trevor has some great moves! I hope he taught some to Hanna, otherwise she might look like her dad on the dance floor, and well.........I will leave it at that!!! cute pictures!!

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