Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In our old house we installed a underground sprinker system and we loved it. Our grass was always green but the flipside was it always had to be mowed and the system had to get cleaned out every fall and on and on. Well since we have moved into our new home with no spriker system I have had to mow less but our yard has not always looked the best either. At first I missed not having the perfect green yard but then it was nice on those weeks on end without rain that I did not have to mow. Over the past week or so we have gotten enough rain to green up our yard again and it is coming back to shape. Jon has been pulling weeds like crazy the past 2 days by hand. So last night I got out the mower and bagged the whole yard while Jon finished pulling weeds and weedeating. The overall finished product is awesome, our yard looks awesome. The moral of my story is you do not have to have a sprinker system to have a nice yard and look at all the water that you save.


Jennifer said...

Are your lawn services for hire?

Amber said...

You want to know what?? It only took us 1 hour between the 2 of us to get all of it done.

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