Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Christmas is right around the corner so Trevor and I started to plan for it this past weekend! Jon was hunting all weekend and comes home today so before he left I made him get some Christmas stuff out so we had something to do this past weekend. Trevor was a great helper and hopefully we will get our tree up this week. I also thought it was time to update my blog and get a little holiday spirit going. We had our family pictures taken and I really liked how they turned out!

Trevor even got his Christmas pj's out!


Jennifer said...

Cute! I love the pics, the new blog style and all your holiday decorations. Trevor looks adorable!

Amber said...

Jennifer didn't you notice the towels?? You gave those last year as a gift on the Healy side and I grabbed them because I loved them, the matching glass container has candy in it.

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!