Monday, November 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

This past weekend was a quiet one. Jon worked almost all weekend at my mom and dad's house finishing their garage so Trevor and I stayed home all weekend and got caught up on laundry, cleaned house and finished putting up the Christmas tree. I know now at looking at it that I need more stuff to put on it but I will wait until all the sales after Christmas to stock up for next year. For the most part I am happy with what I have and Trevor had a great time helping me decorate it.

Today if everyone would say a little prayer for my aunt Sheryl as she is under going open heart surgery. Sheryl is my dad's brother Scott's wife and they have 3 boys. Last week she had what they thought was a galbladder attach but they ran some tests and found out it was more then that when they found something wrong with her heart and her pancreas so they rushed her to Sioux Falls Heart Hospital on Thursday. What they found was a tear in her main valve that needed repair immediately. They could not do anything until her pancreas was under control so they held off with surgery until today. They are telling the family it is a very long surgery so most of the family is down their to support them, depening on how things go we may head down there tonight also. Please keep her in your prayers!


dhealy said...

I'm thinking of Sheryl today and wishing for a successful surgery!


Amber said...
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