Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

I am not even sure where to start with the past week. Monday my aunt had open heart surgery and everything went well and she is now home. Then on Tuesday night my grandpa was admitted to McKennan hospital for surgery on Wednesday morning so Jon, Greg, Kelsi and I spent Wednesday in a waiting room with my family. His surgery went fine and hopefully he will come home today or tomorrow.
Thursday morning we left for Langford to go to Jon's side for Thanksgiving. We where up there for 4 days and came back yesterday and man am I tired today!! The 4 days where filled with catching up with everyone, playing cards, games, hunting and shopping. Trevor went hunting again this year with the guys and loved it! They got lots of pheasants and 1 fox, Trevor really enjoyed carrying the pheasant around and showing everyone and then telling everyone that daddy let him shoot his gun with Jon's guidance of course! Here are some photos!!
Thanksgiving night Eclipse played in Langford and Jennifer, Bobbi, Bobbi's boyfriends sister and I bartended and we made $350 in tips between the 4 of us, we rocked!!!

The 2 best bartenders at the Eclipse dance!

Trevor was so proud of his pheasant!

Everyone who went hunting all weekend!
Nice glasses Jen!

One serious poker game but unfortuatly Dennis took my $5 but I took second place in the game on Saturday night.


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