Friday, December 19, 2008

First Appointment

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment and everything went great!! We where there for 2 hours and in those 2 hours they poked me and drew blood so it was a rough appointment but I also got my first ultrasound! They now have a new ultrasound machine they just got and it shows the baby in a 3D picture so you can see if it has arms or legs yet and ours is just starting to develop them. The heart beat was very strong at 182 beats per minute so the doctor was happy about that. I am on schedule to have this baby on July 25th so that means that I am 2 months and 6 days pregnant.

Alright so to describe this ultrasound picture the top right hand is the head and then down the left side is the back and the butt. You can see the start of a arm and leg and the long cord you see is the umbilical cord and the round thing at the bottom is the yolk sac (the yolk sac is a membranous sac attached to an embryo providing early nourishment). My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I will have another ultrasound so it will be fun to compare both pictures. Then I will not get another ultrasound until I am 20 weeks and at that time we will be able to tell what it is if we want to find out. That will be my last ultrasound unless they need to check on something later.

Today is also a great day because it is my last day of work until January 5th, yep I get 2 full weeks off and I am pumped!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great news. Do you think it resembles MOM? What does Trevor think?


Jennifer said...

Wow - that is kind of crazy-looking! I'm glad you explained it because I would have had no clue. Very exciting to see - I'm so glad you posted it!

Amber said...

Last night we showed Trevor and he just stood there and looked at it, Jon was explaining everything and Trevor said "but dad the baby can not see me it does not have eyes, that is not even fun". We both just laughed!

dhealy said...

I can't believe that they can take a picture like that! He/she must be about 2 inches long - right? I see that it says 5.5 cm above but don't know if that's the baby size or the picture size.

Gramma Diney

Grandma Julie said...

Congratulations from Bruce and Julie. What great news.

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