Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Anyone heard of NetFlix?? Well I had heard of them but really never looked into it but I did this past weekend and signed us up. Talk about a good deal if you watch movies! There are different packages you can sign up for and they range for $4-$19 a month. The one I picked is 2 movies at a time and you can keep them as long as you want (no late fees) and just send them back in the mail and when they get one or both back they will send one or two more. The best part is they only take 1 business day to get. What a great deal~~We get our first 2 today so we will see how things go, if you are a movie watcher you better check it out.

Jon and I do rent a lot of movies but the problem we ran into was by the time we had the time to sit down and watch them they would be a day late or due back the next day so we always paid more to keep it an extra day and what a waste of money. This is exciting and we can not wait to see how it goes.


Shannon said...

Funny you say this...we JUST signed up b/c of a class I'm taking this summer (intro to film--lol!) But yeah, we love movies so this really is a GREAT deal!! :)

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