Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beany Babies

Well after this past weekend of cleaning out the garage I found some boxes I had been looking for. One of them was from Trevor's room and it had all of his beany babies in it. Every time Dennis and Diane go on a trip to a different city or state they get Trevor a beany baby with the city name on it. So far he has collected 6 of them and that is pretty good for 2.5 years old. Dennis and Diane just need to go on vacation more!! So here is a picture of the shelf's I put up last night in Trevor's room with the bears on display along with a few other items for fun.

After I was all done Trevor walked into his room and saw the wall and said "mom what did you build?" "Take those bears down they are mine, grandma Diney gave them to me, Trevor." I just laughed and told him to settle down and that they were on display in his room for a reason.

So another funny that happened last night was after Trevor got changed into his PJ's I told him he could watch Chicken Little for a little bit and then we had to go to bed, he said okay! So 20 minutes later I went into the living room and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Trevor it is time for bed so we have to shut Chicken Little off, okay??

Trevor: Mom, I love you but go away you are driving me nuts!!!

Where does a 2 year old come up with these things?? I just tried my hardest not to laugh but I could not do it I just lost it, well then he thought he was funny.


dhealy said...

I love the shelves with the bears on them! That Trevor is the funniest kid - I loved it when he showed me the bottom of a toy and said 29 cents!

Jennifer said...

"Where does a 2 year old come up with these things??"

Umm, I've heard you say that a zillion times, Amber!!!

His room looks so cute. I can't wait to visit in just 10 days!

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