Monday, February 4, 2008

More Accomplished

Well this weekend was another good one for the books!! I am proud to say that we are 85% done with the laundry room. This weekend we sanded down the rest of the walls, then applied texture (this turned out really well since we had never done this before) and then it was time for me to paint. The color I chose was called "applesauce cake" somewhat of a tan/gold color, I like to stay somewhat neutral because then it is easier to decorate with lots of other colors. Once I had 2 coats of paint on Jon had to bust out the drain in the middle of the floor to raise up the concreate since we are going to tile it all has to be even. So since we made that mess we decided to replace the pipes and drain just to be safe. Then we refilled it with concrete and waited for that to dry. In the meantime Jon tiled the base for the washer and dryer and once that sat over night we were able to grout that in the morning. Then you have to wash the tile 3 times and then we hooked up the washer and dryer....YEAH we had tons of laundry to do!! THEN once all of that was done Jon started the project for the ceiling and got half done with that. SOOOO lots done this weekend and tonight we will finish the ceiling and lights and get the floor ready for tile so we can install that hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday night. After that we just have to install the doors and the door jams. I can not wait for this project to be done!!

So Saturday my dad asked to take Trevor ice fishing to the tournament in Hendricks and he had a great time. Trevor informed me he saw Cindy and Danny and they were lots of fun but the funniest story according to Trevor was his new teddy bear that he got from his Margie!! That just cracked me up he did not refer to her as great grandma but as his Margie. Thanks to everyone who intertained him at the fishing tournament I am sure he was a hand full. Thanks Kelsi for taking some pictures!!

Trevor liked to play with the bait the most but you could never tell that by looking at this picture.


dhealy said...

What a great picture - you can tell that he is backing away from that slimy fish but being a good little Healy/Pearson, fishing is in his blood big time, so I'm sure he changed his mind about that minnow soon!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see your house!

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