Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip to Lowe's

Last night we made our final trip to Lowe's to finish our laundry room. We went to pick up some light bulbs and the tile for the drop down ceiling. When Jon and I were lookings at light bulbs and deciding what to go with Trevor asked to get out of the cart, I said he could but he had to stay close and not run off. He looked at me and said "okay mom, I won't" so I handed him his trucks and he started to play with them on the floor. 2 seconds later I looked down and he was gone.......I turned around and there he was sitting on the lawn mowers playing with a huge smile on his face and yelling "hey mom look at me"!! Little boys are all about driving lawn mowers, touching everything in their sight and riding in all kinds of cool carts you can not take your eye off them for even a second!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh my word - what a nut!!

dhealy said...

I love it - he is so brave! Hopefully he doesn't get too far from you in the store, but I guess you'll always know where to find him if he does!

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