Friday, February 15, 2008

The Simple Things

Isn't if funny how we worry for months what to get kids for Christmas or their birthday and somehow we end of finding them something they like but after spending how much. Well last night we got our doors for the laundry room stained and Jon took them out of the boxes and was hauling them to the laundry room. Meanwhile I am in the kitchen and all of a sudden I hear Trevor just laughing his little heart out so I peeked my head down the steps to see what the turkey was up to and this is what I saw:

He had taken the box from the doors and put it on the steps so he could slide down and let me tell you he really would go. He had the best time and to think at no cost at all this kid is entertained for hours. Isn't it funny how the simple things in life really make their day.

PS...this is what my sweetheart gave me for Valentine's Day!

AND he made us heart shaped French Toast, what a guy!!


Jennifer said... sweet!

Now I know what to get Trevor for his birthday - cardboard!!

ryanandkate said...

Jon and Amber,
Just checking in. Your blog looks great as always! Hope you guys are doing well! Amber, it looks like you are keeping Jon busy working on the house, we can't wait to come visit and see it! Take care guys,

Ryan, Kate, and Mary

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